Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Leggy Peggy

I've been hunting for a pair of high waist pants for a while now. I wanted a vintage style and in a color that would match most tops as well. I, luckily, snagged this pair of sleek trousers from The Vintedge Co.! They are actually vintage 80s-90s, but done in a 50s style. The measurements are slightly larger than mine, but this was perfect because I can tailor them to my body instead of praying for a miracle! Any suggestions on what type of blouse you would pair with this leggy staple??? I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!

women's charcoal gray high waisted pants in 1950s style
**********************************************************************************************************Update: I got my first chance to wear these the other day and I paired it with a deep red knit top with 40's gathered shoulders and a neckline like this dress. For accessories, I had a pair of vintage gold and moonstone stud earrings, black enamel flower brooch, and a large deep crimson silk scarf with the tiniest polka dots tied into a bow on the side of my pin up hairstyle. Danced all night and the trousers were wonderful!

Last Week's Sunday Snag:

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