Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Shout-Out! – AmandaJoCrafts

I'm starting a weekly post called "Sunday Shout-Out!" as a way to thank the wonderful people who actively support my blog. It isn't really a feature, just a tip of my hat to some great new friends. The posts won't be in any specific order or rank or anything like that, so don't feel left out if you don't see yourself yet. You will definitely be shouted at soon! ;-)

children's toy octopus in teal handmade There are many people I want to thank and I want to give each one a special Sunday. This first one goes out to Amanda at AmandaJoCrafts. Thank you!!!!! You have been so gracious and fun and I truly appreciate all of your support!

Please visit and support Amanda:

Friday, September 28, 2012

Feature Friday – Bow + Arrow Apparel

I. Want. These. Jeans.

dark wash custom made skinny jean with high waist american made

That is what my brain punched me in the eyeballs with when I stumbled onto Bow + Arrow Apparel's collection. And it wasn't just one pair. As I clicked on pic after pic, I realized, "I. Want. All. These. Jeans." I would feel like Hottie McHotterton in a pair of these.
dark wash skinny jeans with suspenders custom made american cotton

I really prefer the high rise on the waist so that I'm not constantly checking to see whether I'm spilling over onto the sidewalk below. Usually, only the "mom jean" will have a higher waist and occasionally I will find a pair of vintage jeans too, but rarely in my size. These are CLEARLY not "mom jeans" and they are custom made for you! Win-win my pantless friends!

custom made dark wash denim shortsAnna Toth, Bow + Arrow Apparel's owner, along with her shop, are located here in North Carolina. Plus, the cotton denim is grown, processed, and finished in the USA, so you can support the local community too!

custom made jeans from american made cotton in greyI had a hard time picking which pictures to use because I love every item in their shop, so be sure to browse around through all their heavenly denim creations.

To view her killer collection, click here.
dark wash flair jean with a high waist and custom made

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Thrill – Beach Bombshell

Vintage shorts romper with apple print for women in red, blue, and whitebamboo 1950s sunglasses for women 

I'm not messin' around with this Thursday Thrill stuff. Thrills are what this week's finds are all about! A retro romper, cherry red hair pins, and vintage espadrilles, oh my! Makes me sad to see summer end!

firecracker red bobby pin buttons for women's hair accessories

This early 1960's play romper is soooo fun! Shaped for curves and sass with a novelty apple print. Of course, not many of us have vibrant red bouffant hair, so I thought adding a few cherry colored vintage hair pins would be an adorable (and easy) way to accessorize. I just listed these little firecrackers last week!

1960's wedge women's shoes in woven material and blue leatherAnd what better way to show a pair of gams than a pair of wedge espadrilles. Slide on those 50's bamboo sunglasses, take a sip of your bottle of coke, and get ready to turn some heads!

Featured items:
-Hair Pins

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Treasury Tuesday – Vintage Spooky

My "Licorice Buttons" were recently treasured in a super cute tribute to the coming Halloween! 

Fun and spooky black, orange, white themed October Halloween items

To view individual items in this treasury, click here.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Feature Friday – The Naked Man Vintage

light blue 1950s men's suit jacket Today's featured shop is for the classy guys out there! Okay, so it's a small group, but many are born classy and some are converting over slowly. My husband is one of those that needs a bit of evangelizing and has dipped one toe at a time into my world of nostalgia and dapper duds. 

 1950s 1960s hat for men The Naked Man Vintage is a shop on Etsy that is helping chicks like me entice our men folk into dressing a bit snappier. They only sell vintage men's clothing which makes the whole shop feel masculine and elegant (and helps my husband sit and look without having to get stuck in the quagmire that is my dress and shoe fetish). 
skinny necktie for men 1950s
They sell all eras, but I particularly favor the 50's and 60's clean lines and sophisticated vibe. Think Mad Men sexiness. I will occasionally see an older man who always seems to dress more elegantly than everyone around and will be carrying a hat and mother of pearl encrusted cane. I find that I can't take my eyes off this guy and want to walk over and thank him for being classy and making my day better. Wouldn't that be the best?! Having a total stranger walk up to you to let you know that just seeing you has brightened their day?

Get inspired to class it up a bit men! Take a look through The Naked Man Vintage collection by clicking here

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Thrill - Cinnamon Spice

spice colored vintage dress from the 40s with detail on neckline and hip
I am introducing a new weekly blog post today. I'm calling it Thursday Thrill and will feature an item that I would LOVE to have and something from my shop with which to accessorize it. Truth be told, I'm doing this for my own thrill really. I'm not what people would refer to as "wealthy". Okay, I'm broke. But this is why I'm implementing Thursday Thrill! That way it feels like I somehow have shared something that I'm daydreaming and pining over and you all can share with (read: console & pity) me. 
brown cognac women's heels in 1940s style and soft leatherfall colored feather head piece in copper, rust, and peach colors and a vintage upcycled gold accent

This first installment of Thursday Thrill features a dress from Dear Golden that inspired this whole idea of a blog post for stuff I adore and desperately desire. This gorgeous, vintage 1940's lace dress is calling my name people! Look at the detail on the hip! 

hair accessories with button accents in earthy brown, tan, and cream neutrals
I'm a swing, lindy, balboa, and blues dancing fanatic and this dress would be THE BEST balboa dance dress EVER. I already have vintage reproduction heels in cognac brown from remix and my feather fascinator would be sooo fun with this! If I didn't want quite as much drama (as if), I could always pair it with my brown sugar button bobby pins as well.

Here are the links for the featured items:
-Feather Fascinator
-Button Bobby Pins

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Treasury Tuesday – Wonderful Evening

My three hydrangea hair clips were featured in a very lush treasury themed around a wonderful evening out. It was so romantic, I had to share! Look at those rhinestone fishnets! I would love those! And I just bought a vintage black wiggle dress that would be perfect with those pearls tied with a black satin ribbon.

European style collection of women's fashion for date nights
To view individual items in this treasury, click here.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sick Day

Hi everyone. So I usually do a feature friday, but I'm feeling pretty under the weather right now. Instead I just wanted to do a quick thank you shout out to all my blog buddies who have been super supportive and chatty on my blog. As a novice in the blog world, I truly appreciate that. Please, if you don't already, go visit some of these wonderful people!

Amanda Jo Crafts:
Handmade Cuties:
Sher's Creative Space:
Creations by Shirl:
Live In Art:
The Dorothy Days:
Images By CW:
Vivid Please:
Whimsy Ways:
Piper's Place Studio:
A Cake to Remember:

There are many more and I have probably inadvertently left out some wonderful people, but forgive me. Like I said, I am a bit sick and going back to bed now. Wish me luck for the weekend and hopefully I will be ready for the new week! Have a great weekend everyone and thank you again for all your support!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Treasury Tuesday – Flames of Sapphire

One of my vintage button rings was just featured in a cute retro treasury that celebrates sapphire, the birthstone of September. 

sapphire gemstone collection of items for zodiac and september births

To view individual items in this treasury, click here.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Special

I just got something adorable in the mail today!

hot pepper book marker with yellow and red beaded peppersJayne over at HandmadeCute held a give-away on her blog and I randomly got selected as the winner! I got the pleasure of picking out an item from her super cute shop (oooh, which one, which one do I choose?!!).
After much deliberation, I decided to go with the hot chili pepper bookmark. I feel like I just ordered it yesterday and it is here already! Got it in the mail and it's just so cute! Jayne packaged it up so nicely and had an adorable little thank you cut-out with her logo on it.

hand beaded hot pepper place holder bookmark in yellow and redThis is, by far, the nicest bookmark I've ever had. Typically, my poor but loved books have torn bits of tissue or paper towels stuck in them. Basically, whatever is in reach at the time. But now, my books will have a friend to help place a mark of memory.

I decided to place my new bookmark in a much loved girlhood classic that I haven't read for years. It is time to relive some youthful adventure!

I want to give a big thank you shout-out to Jayne for creating such a fun goodie and for letting me welcome it into my home! Can't wait to see more (makes me want a different bookmark for every book on my shelf)!

Please make sure to check out her shop! ;-)
And her blog:
Handmade Cuties

Friday, September 7, 2012

Feature Friday – ButterBlossoms

Fair warning: If you are hungry right now, I apologize. If you aren't, then I still apologize because you will be shortly...

orange pumpkin tea cookies with sprinklesToday's Feature Friday had my mouth watering while I was writing it up. Each picture I linked made my stomach growl a little more impatiently. Even the name of the shop will tempt you. Ready? Okay, you asked for it. ButterBlossoms. Oh yes, ButterBlossoms.
As September creeps in and the weather starts transitioning into its cooler wardrobe, I start to feel all snuggly. My natural demeanor is one of semi-hibernation. I love sinking into a plush chair with my oversized sweater down to my knees, throw open a book and read til the afternoon light fades. The only thing that makes a scene like this better is a sweet treat to nibble slowly in between sips of tea and a lazy page turn.
heart shaped tea cookies with pink sprinklesButterBlossoms seems to have realized that people like me cannot say no to a decadent shortbread and that a daily dose of butter can make the world a happier place. 
selection of cookies that arrive monthly from ButterBlossomLocated in Charleston, South Carolina (teasingly close to me!), ButterBlossoms was created by a mother/daughter team. Shell and Emily put real love and effort into each batch (they don't even use electric mixers!!). Each tasty morsel is produced, packaged, and shipped the same day and arrives on your doorstep ready to grace your tea tray. 
They even have a "Cookie of the Month Club"! I just swooned a little...
Look at this Monthly Flavor List:
cookies for tea in variety of flavorsJanuary: Orange Chocolate
February: Cranberry Walnut
March: Milk Chocolate Hazelnut
April: Cherry Chocolate
May: Chocolate Lavender
June: Lemon Blueberry
July: Praline
August: Honey Fig
September: Vanilla Bean
October: Pumpkin Chocolate
November: Cranberry Orange Spice
December: Peppermint Bark
Uhm, yes, yes, and yes! That would definitely make my year a lot more pleasant!

To get your own sweets fix, visit there scrumptious shop here.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Treasury Tuesday – Beautiful Autumn

A fellow etsian, Aurelija from aureliaLT, created a warm, cozy, and quite beautiful treasury to welcome in the changing season. And my "Cocoa Buttons" were featured in the mix! Makes me feel all toasty inside every time I see this pretty curated group. 

Cocoa and brown earthy colored items for purchase

To view individual items in this treasury, click here.