Friday, September 7, 2012

Feature Friday – ButterBlossoms

Fair warning: If you are hungry right now, I apologize. If you aren't, then I still apologize because you will be shortly...

orange pumpkin tea cookies with sprinklesToday's Feature Friday had my mouth watering while I was writing it up. Each picture I linked made my stomach growl a little more impatiently. Even the name of the shop will tempt you. Ready? Okay, you asked for it. ButterBlossoms. Oh yes, ButterBlossoms.
As September creeps in and the weather starts transitioning into its cooler wardrobe, I start to feel all snuggly. My natural demeanor is one of semi-hibernation. I love sinking into a plush chair with my oversized sweater down to my knees, throw open a book and read til the afternoon light fades. The only thing that makes a scene like this better is a sweet treat to nibble slowly in between sips of tea and a lazy page turn.
heart shaped tea cookies with pink sprinklesButterBlossoms seems to have realized that people like me cannot say no to a decadent shortbread and that a daily dose of butter can make the world a happier place. 
selection of cookies that arrive monthly from ButterBlossomLocated in Charleston, South Carolina (teasingly close to me!), ButterBlossoms was created by a mother/daughter team. Shell and Emily put real love and effort into each batch (they don't even use electric mixers!!). Each tasty morsel is produced, packaged, and shipped the same day and arrives on your doorstep ready to grace your tea tray. 
They even have a "Cookie of the Month Club"! I just swooned a little...
Look at this Monthly Flavor List:
cookies for tea in variety of flavorsJanuary: Orange Chocolate
February: Cranberry Walnut
March: Milk Chocolate Hazelnut
April: Cherry Chocolate
May: Chocolate Lavender
June: Lemon Blueberry
July: Praline
August: Honey Fig
September: Vanilla Bean
October: Pumpkin Chocolate
November: Cranberry Orange Spice
December: Peppermint Bark
Uhm, yes, yes, and yes! That would definitely make my year a lot more pleasant!

To get your own sweets fix, visit there scrumptious shop here.


  1. Looks so delicious, what a great find. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! Hope you have a sweet *wink* weekend! ;-)

  2. mmmhhmmmm - these look yummy.... off to have dinner now! Lasagna (self-made) ;)

  3. gave me fair warning. Gonna go look for something sweet to eat now!

  4. Ohhh these look so delicious....curling up with a book, some tea, and these yummy treats sounds so enticing right now!! I have not had any really good shortbread cookies in a very long time. Cookie of the month club??? If I were not all the way in England I would seriously consider this, lol. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Too bad right?! I bet you could find some delicious shortbread in the UK though. We had some of the best in Scotland while we were there visiting. Sooo good with tea after a long day of exploring!