Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Trinket in the Treasure Box

Early 1900s filigree metal orchid brooch
This is my very first vintage brooch, friends! Yes indeedy, I've never had a vintage brooch (I've only ever had one brooch at all!) and now I have this lovely little lady. She is quite an intricate piece too! Made from tiny twisted curls of sterling silver, this filigree brooch takes on an appearance of delicately spun lace. 

The orchid shape is what first caught my eye and then when I got close I saw all the lacey goodness. Judging by the simple C clasp and the hinge type, this is most likely an Edwardian piece although it could be slightly later (circa 1900-1935). I found her laying quietly among brazen 60s pieces at an antique mall and she was less than $20! 

I had originally started my quest to find a vintage brooch for this blouse jacket. It had a small chemical stain that would be easily covered by a brooch. The thread on that jacket's embroidery has a silver tint, so I wanted something along that vein. This is actually quite perfect with it because the embroidery has a floral motif which pairs wonderfully with the orchid!

Don't worry, I have an outfit post coming soon that incorporates three past Sunday Snags, including this newly treasured trinket. 

Antique metal lace work on a floral broochSterling silver Edwardian orchid brooch

Last Week's Sunday Snag:

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