Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk – Night Atop the Stars

Perfect Gatsby Headband! #1920s #hair #fashion #flapper #vintage

Personality: The Sparkling Beauty
Places you'll find yourself: Glass of champagne in hand as you dance, bubbles tickling your nose and laughter ringing through the night

Victorian beadwork lace headband #victorian #hair #fashion #antique

I'm just bubbling over from excitement about this one! I couldn't wait to share her with you as she is one of my very favorites in the shop right now. This headband is made from two reclaimed antiques. The beadwork is a Victorian mourning lace (late 1800s/early 1900s) with tiny irregular black glass beads sculpted into this glorious design. One end resembles a heart, then a flower, followed by consecutively smaller scrolls. The ribbon is an antique Polish velvet in jet black from the 1910s. I didn't sew the beadwork to the ribbon, allowing the piece to be moved in ways appropriate for different hairstyles. Plus, this allows you to interchange ribbon if you would like varied colors (I think a pink or dusty blue would be gorgeous too!). You can wear it flapper style, as seen on me in these photos, or you can wear it as a traditional headband (see here for photo example). 

I'm styling this piece for my outfit on tomorrow's Sunday Snag, so stay tuned!

1920s Party Headband #flapper #headband #1920s #vintage #deco #20s #hair

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