Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk – Young Lovers

Pink & White Orchid Hair Pins by ChatterBlossom #orchid #pinup #vintage #retro

Personality: The Soft Hearted
Places you'll find yourself: Walking hand in hand with your forever love

These dainty little orchid hair pins would love to love you! I made these white and fuchsia cuties with pretty pink pearl vintage buttons and they are set on sturdy bobby pins. There is a yellow and red version as well that you can view below and here. Don't they just make you want to frolic?! 

Orchid Hair Pins with Vintage Button Centers by ChatterBlossom

Yellow & Red Style available here.

Yellow, Red, and White Orchid Bobby Pins by ChatterBlossom

View my entire shop here.

Last Week's Saturday Shop Talk:

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