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Thursday Thrill – B&B Getaway Part One

Wedding anniversary getaway! It. was. amazing. #wedding #anniversary #getaway

Remember that time I was in love with my husband and we were married for 10 years? Yep, I do too. It was in June that we celebrated and I've just been daydreaming about our week of dates (click here to catch up), specifically the three days we spent at a bed and breakfast. Because it was awesome, because I'm already longing to go back, and because I wanted to share the fun with you all, I'm going to do a three part blog series on the place we stayed. It was that wonderful. Really. 

The B&B that we stayed in is called The Fearrington House Inn. Note: They in no way solicited a review or even know who I am. I just loved the place, so I decided to share them with you all in case you want a get-away that is 100% guaranteed to be amazing. In fact, the time we spent there is what made our anniversary great. Sometimes you just have to get away to feel like you are actually together, you know? No daily errands or home tasks staring you in the face or drawing your attention. 

Firstly, understand that this place is extraordinarily expensive. Secondly, understand that it is worth every penny. My hubs and I haven't taken a vacation in three years (all of which included long days and nights of my husband trying to finish his degree, which meant very little time together). We figured we could spree a bit and have our 10th anniversary be extra special. We also knew that we didn't want to do anything but hang out together and eat good food. Our trips usually consist of going to see x amount of museums, architecture, and beautiful landscapes, but this time was supposed to be a getaway to enjoy each other. So we pooled all of our vacay money and had three days in heaven. 

Getaway Weekend at B&B

Part One: The Room

When I said this place was wonderful, I meant from the moment we arrived. There was a host that greeted us and informed us that they had upgraded our room to a suite free of charge. "REALLY?!", my eyes probably said. We had reserved the lowest cost room they had (which I'm sure would have been lovely), but this was a wonderful surprise. The host took us around to show us where everything was (this place is like a little village with multiple shops, a spa, two restaurants, a cafe/beer garden, walking paths, and beautiful gardens). Then he personally took us to our room along with a young man to help with our bags. 

Our Amazing B&B Getaway on ChatterBlossom #wedding #anniversary
Our room was just dreamy, with an English cottage feel and very homey amenities. All the rooms are in small houses scattered around the property. There were maybe 5 or 6 rooms in the little house where our room was located. Our room door opened into a little wood floor entryway with the bathroom on the left and a dressing room on the right. Directly in front after entering the foyer were french doors leading into our suite. Our room was decorated in country roses, had a fireplace, a king size bed, a desk, a little sitting area and a pretty view of gardens outside our wall of windows. 

There were such wonderfully personal touches throughout the room. There was a handwritten note addressed to us that wished us a happy anniversary and thanked us for staying with them. There was interesting coffee table books and magazines, including a few that even featured their in-house chef. There was a Ghirardelli chocolate bar every morning, as well as jelly beans and potato chips. They also did a port and truffle turn-down service every night.

Literally my only complaint would be that the lighting in the dressing room made it hard to put on makeup. That is it folks. Everything else was immaculate and quite a perfect place to relax and enjoy the rainy days ahead of us.

Next Thursday, I'll be sharing about the food. OHH the food...
*Updated: See Part Two here.*

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