Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Sharp Dressed Woman

Sharply Dress In Vintage #1940s #fashion #vintage #style #suit

Well! I bet you didn't even think I owned a suit! What with my gazillion cutesy dresses for summer. It's fall now though, which means it's time to break out some heavier garments to keep this gal warm! Come, let me introduce you to my first vintage suit purchase!

Amazing Detail Work on Vintage Suit #vintage #suit #1940s #fashion

I actually own two vintage suits now and the other one is in a relatively similar color to this one, but it has a different cut. I'm sure you'll see it in the future. As for this one, don't you love the detailing?! Those buttons, am I right?! I purchased this suit from The Paraders during their epic 50% off sale in August. It is an oatmeal colored wool from the 1940s, made by Victor's of Chicago, with amazing tailoring and one of the coolest button details I've seen. The buttons themselves are domed with rhinestones and around each button hole is a raised swirl! For a known crazy button hoarder, this purchase was a no brainer. There is a matching skirt as well, but it needs alterations before I can wear it. The jacket is a smidgeon too big too, but I can wear it regardless and maybe someday I'll get a professional to tailor it for me. 

To be completely honest, I don't usually like to wear suits. I love the look of them and very much admire their design and impeccable tailoring, but I often feel too boxed in by a fitted jacket. Plus, I think I naturally gravitate toward the more loosely fit (danceable) garments. But I knew come cooler weather that I would appreciate having such a classic piece that I could throw on and feel immediately chic and sophisticated. Plus, you don't have to keep the jacket on the whole time! You can wear all number of feminine blouses and flounces underneath to be seen when the jacket comes off!

My First Vintage Suit! #vintage #style #1940s #fashion #suit

1950s Wool Hat Detail #vintage #hat #1950s #style #fashion

1940s Jacket Detail #1940s #fashion #40s #style #suit

The blouse I paired my suit with is an old Forever 21 jersey dress that I hacked off the skirt and made it into a top (you can see it here in a rare post with my hair straight sans makeup!). The skirt you've seen a beige version of here. It is a modern pencil skirt from Express a few years back and has such a terrifically fun leopard print lining! Pencil skirts are a workhorse in my wardrobe and I would greatly recommend a few in different colors to fill out your closet too. 

My accessories are also more demure this round. My hat is low key but classic and adorable. I picked this cutey up at Beggars & Choosers (a local joint I did a write up on here). It is a 1950s ivory wool (used to be white, but has aged to a creamy color) with a tiny bow and a single feather jauntily adding a bit of sass to the look. I loved the label inside too! "Snowdrop White" with a little illustration of the flower!

Mixing Modern & Vintage in Suit Wear #vintage #fashion #modern #style #1940s

My shoes are modern gladiators in a grayish nude color that I picked up a few years ago at a Calvin Klein outlet store. Those puppies are incredibly comfortable! I had a lovely follower recently ask what size of shoe I wear. I wear a 6 1/2 to 7 usually, which is why I think I've been getting lucky in some of my recent Ebay shoe purchases. I think most ladies have a size 8? So I must be flying just under the radar of most of the bidders. By the way, please feel free and welcome to ask questions!! I love hearing from you and would love to help answer questions and just chat in general with you!

Three pieces of jewelry joined me in this outing. One, the brooch, looks to be a 1960s ish silver piece with a black center that was a gift with purchase from the lovely Lisa at Honey Talk Vintage. She very sweetly snuck that pretty bauble into my package when I bought some amazing shoes from her (see them here). Isn't that nice?! The ring is coming soon to my shop and is a pretty vintage black glass button ring with a silver luster design that I thought worked well with the tailoring of my jacket. The tiny darling hat pin (seen in the last photo) is a 50s/60s gold tone and faux opal from Revival House.

1950s Hat Detail #1950s #hat #50s #accessory #vintage

Photoshoot Notes: This was so weird and funny! The hubs and I were just in a neighboring community snapping photos on the sidewalk for this shoot and we had no less than three separate people stop their cars, roll down their windows, and ask "Are you doing a 1940s photoshoot?". What the what?! They literally asked that exact question! Blew me away that 1: Three people stopped to ask at all 2: That they actually nailed the era! Well done local neighbors! And two of the three were men! I asked one what made him think that and he said I looked just like his mother did in the 40s! Haha! That tickles me to no end! 

1950s Sassy Styling #stockings #heels #50s #style #lingerie

Vintage Styling with Modern Pieces #womens #heels #vintage #styleAdding a Touch of Modern to My Vintage Wardrobe #heels #shoes #vintage

Vintage Sophistication #vintage #style #1940s #fashion #50s

Outfit Details
Suit Jacket: 1940s oatmeal wool from The Paraders
Skirt: modern pencil style from Express
Blouse: modern jersey from Forever 21
Hat: 1950s wool from Beggars & Choosers
Shoes: modern gladiators from Calvin Klein
Brooch: gift with purchase from Honey Talk Vintage
Hat Pin: 1960s? from Revival House
Ring: vintage black glass, coming soon to my shop ChatterBlossom

1950s Hat Detail #50s #hat #1950s #fashion #accessories

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