Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Sunday Snag – First Edition

Today, I'm introducing a new segment to my blog! The Sunday Snag! The idea is to give you all a short and sweet snippet about recent items I've been lucky enough to snag for my closet...okay, and to have you share in my excitement!

 The Sunday Snag – First Edition

Revolving Styles vintage dress

I recently purchased this wonderful 1940's print dress from Revolving Styles. My favorite color is green, but I can't wear very light versions of the color so this was a good saturated green without too much yellow undertone. The dress had an unusual pattern of blue and orange sprays with tiny leaves and a peplum skirt. I love peplum skirts as they tend to make the hips curvier and the waist smaller. I had to do some basic repair work (it is 70 years old after all!) and raise the side slits in order to be able to dance in it, but it is ready to go now! Excited to wear it soon!

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