Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Thrill – Great Gatsby

roaring 20's women's dress in beige with black beadwork in art deco pattern
Today's Thursday Thrill is a tribute to The Great Gatsby! A new film adaptation is coming out in May of 2013 that I am really excited about, so I decided to get the 1920's fun started early! Revival House is one of my favorite shops on Etsy and this flapper dress will give you a taste of why that is. An exquisite example of the 1920's, this sheer taupe flapper dress is classy and still rather playful. Small black enameled and marcasite beads adorn the edges and the front art deco pattern. 

black silk and lace vintage teddyYou may need an undergarment fit for such a dress though. You can't be expected to wear normal undies with such a fabulous piece! I found a sexy 1920's sheer black silk and lace teddy from Wear It Again to take care of that problem for you. You're welcome my sexy, sexy friends!
vintage women's shoes with contrasted color pattern and fringe medallion in black and tanFor shoes, here are the perfect pair of black and tan 20s heels with contrasted stitching and fringe medallions. I so wish these were my size!
black fur mourning cape with beaded embroidery and bone buttonBecause the dress and lingerie aren't exactly "warm", you may need a wrap to keep out the cold. Revival House once again comes to the rescue with this antique victorian seal fur cape. Embroidered black roses, intricate beadwork, and a very detailed bone like button make for a rare and luxurious find. 

To top it all off, I selected my 1920's inspired fascinator titled "An Affair to Remember". Fitting right?! The flapper hair clip has an silver rope accent made from an upcycled vintage earring, pearls and a pale ivory peony. I even used a vintage men's silk tie for the backing material that attaches to the clip.          
pale ivory flower hair clip with feathers and pearls and silver vintage accent                                               
Featured Items:                        
-Dress by Revival House              -Lingerie by Wear It Again     
-Shoes by Zinnia Ridge Vintage   
-Cape by Revival House         
-Fascinator by ChatterBlossom