Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Summer Fashion Recap: Part Two

Here is part two of my summer vintage fashion recap (see part one here). As I said last week, I'm only a year in so far when it comes to dressing in vintage. I've always loved the styles from eras gone by, but honestly, it never really occurred to me that I could dress that way. It really seems silly now, but I think you develop and grow as you age and some things just come later. For me, dressing this way has just been one of those "developments". I know myself better now and I think I'm more "myself" than ever. These styles have always been a love for me. Now I just get to express it and live it a bit more. I've felt more and more comfortable in my own skin the last few years and I'm really just enjoying life presently. My life is good. 

Summer, in all her frilly, breezy, and light accoutrements, is leaving. She was a dear friend to me this year and I always enjoy her company, but she will soon be replaced with Fall. Let them shake hands and pass each other cheerfully for it will be a glorious exchange! Here's to a beautiful and happy Autumn!!

Summertime Vintage Fashion: Part Two
*Note: You can click on any photo for that outfit post and more details.*

Summer Vintage Fashion Recap - Outfit 8 #1950s #vintage #fashion #dress #hair      Summer Vintage Fashion Recap - Outfit 9 #vintage #fashion #outfit #dress #1950s

Summer Vintage Fashion Recap - Outfit 10 #vintage #1940s #fashion #hat #dress      Summer Vintage Fashion Recap - Outfit 11 #vintage #fashion #1940s #hair #style

Summer Vintage Fashion Recap - Outfit 12 #vintage #fashion #1950s #pinup       Summer Vintage Fashion Recap - Outfit 13 #vintage #fashion #1940s #1920s #deco #flapper

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