Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Picnic in the Park

Pint Sized Vintage Picnic Basket
Pint Sized Picnic Basket from Tinkers Vintage

Oh, the glorious days of May! They are at an end, but June will be just as pleasant. I really want to make sure to enjoy them as much as possible and what better way than with a picnic! So grab your best check or gingham and let's go!!

No one wants to get to their picnic and have essentials left behind at home, so here is a small list of what not to forget.

List of Don't Forgets for a fabulous picnic: 

Set of Woven Wood Vintage Plates

 No reason to throw out dishware when you can reuse and keep the outdoors that you enjoy so much healthy and thriving.

Vintage Folk Painted Utensils
Vintage Folk Painted Utensils from Elm Place

Breezy, But Fun Attire
Don't have a gingham number? Not to worry, a festively sunny little dress would do the trick just as nicely! 

1930s Yellow Organza Dress

Friends and Family
Don't forget to invite your friends! More the merrier and you can never have too many deviled eggs, in my opinion. 

Vintage Barbecue Invitations

Sun Protection
Sure, you could just use sunblock, but why not be fabulous too?! Picnics in the park are the perfect excuse to wear a large dramatic hat. 

1940s wide brim hat from Caspar-Davis

Fun for the Kiddos
After they've run themselves silly in the sun, having a quiet activity like coloring would be perfect on a laid out blanket under a big shade tree.

Vintage Color By Number Book

Fun for Everyone
Adults and kids would enjoy a good beanbag toss! Adults only? Ever heard of beer beanbag? I haven't either, but I'm sure my mind will soon figure out the best picnic game EVER!

Handmade Carnival Beanbags in rustic cotton

For the Pooch
Look at this face! You can't leave him out of the fun, he did dress for the occasion after all! Make sure to bring a ball and bone for your little furry friends too.

Cotton Bow Tie for dogs

Because this vintage platter is gorgeous, but would be much prettier with the crumbs of decadent finger foods sprinkling memories of a great meal much enjoyed by laughing loved ones. 

Vintage Metal Tray for Picnic

Last Week's Thursday Thrill:

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