Friday, August 17, 2012

Feature Friday – Bonjour Poupette

Feature Friday is entering a bit of a whimsical world today with the introduction of Bonjour Poupette.

Created by Sophie Skein, Bonjour Poupette is a magical little world of woodland animal sculpture.

weasel cake decorationsHer creations are cute and inquisitive looking, their gaze seems to ask you very politely to carry them home.

Amongst all of her creations, her wedding cake toppers are what first caught my eye. I love the idea of a nature inspired wedding with these little woodland souls perched atop the cake. There are weasels, meerkats, pugs, deer, shrews, and many more.

Pug couple wedding cake decorationsSophie describes her shop name and creations like this:

""Bonjour Poupette" could be translated as "Hello Little One" but it means that you are recognized and loved, right now, for all that you are.

puppy dog wedding cake decor with curly tailed pugs                   Poupettes are spirited renditions of animal people and other magical creatures. Every figurine has it's own personality that emerges as I work, which truly makes them one-of-a-kind. Indeed, they have evolved over time and will certainly continue to do so."

She also describes the process of creating these little creatures:
clay animal art of fox"Each figurine is individually sculpted with a premium, non-toxic, polymer modeling compound. I use polymer like a painter uses a palette; custom blending to invent new colors and textures. Some polymer mediums are blended with pigment and mica, which creates a subtle marbling and sparkle with a satin finish. Others are blended with pigment and kaolin clay, which creates a pristine matte texture. Although polymer can be painted, I prefer the challenge of creating color variations through meticulous layering and blending of the material itself and rarely use paint.

I particularly loved this one. How amazing would this be as a Halloween cake topper?! Such a handsome little devil!

cute whimsical red devil clay animal

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