Friday, August 24, 2012

Feature Friday – KClarkPhotography

photo of Scottish woodland

"Memories, Dreams, and Whimsy"

This is how Kim from KClarkPhotography describes her work. I'm, honestly, not exactly sure how to do this feature because I want to just keep looking at her photos. To get lost for a while, dream and escape. To allow you to do the same.

photograph of whimsical wonderland full of birch and lavender

I imagine that is her very intention. I imagine she has gotten lost herself many times in these worlds of reality and dream. Kim started really developing her passion for photography after a visit to Scotland. I can truly appreciate that because I felt similar inklings when I visited that magical place. Scotland opens your eyes in a way that you wish you never had to blink or forget. 

Funny enough, many of her images are what my brain conjures up when I think of my hair flowers. Pin in "Let's Fall in Love" and I can easily imagine strolling into this lavender kissed photo of a pastel woodland. Place "Cheek to Cheek" hydrangeas in windswept hair and you would gracefully fit right in this moss covered wonderland, gingerly brushing your fingers along the craggy wall while listening to the rustle of the leaves above you.

Not only do her dreamscapes tempt you, her playful images add just the right amount of whimsy to break the spell of reverie and make you smile.
toy with hair blowing in the fan photography

To view all of her beautiful photographs, click here.