Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday Thrill – Birthstone Roundup

In January of last year I decided to do a tribute post to each month's birthstone. I wrote a bit of poetry for each month and then put together a color themed gift guide. Back in July, I did a six month recap and now I wanted to share the entirety of last year as seen through gemstones. I really enjoyed putting together these posts. I rarely rarely write poetry so this was a nice challenge and let me look at each month with new eyes. Hope you enjoy it! Do you like your birthstone? Which month's do you connect with most?

You can click on any of the birthstone titles to see the original post for that month in its entirety. 

January, kissed with winter's garnet lips, embodies the deep sleep of a still warm and beating heart.

Tribute to January ~ Garnet #january #birthstone #garnet #red
February, a month of magic, fantasizing of the coming spring, spreads her frosty fingertips and breathes a heavy sigh of winter's cool breath among forgotten flowers.

Tribute to February ~ Amethyst #february #birthstone #amethyst
March, the dawn of spring and the twilight of winter, a month of inbetweens. Cold breath, warm expectations, life standing still, but wind rustling her into pressured movement. Like a great swell from the sea, blue winds of early spring rise to remind the earth to green.

Tribute to March ~ Aquamarine #march #birthstone #aquamarine

April, mistress of May, dresses in dew and falling rain. Laughing light, silvery notes at Winter's gray glances, playfully mocking him with her spirited dance towards Earth. "Spring is here!", she triumphantly sings, her twinkling eyes alight in crystalline fire.

Tribute to April ~ Diamond #april #birthstone #diamond
May, that witchy wonder of velveteen springtime, who beckons the sun to creep into souls of earthen things, filling them with glowing life. A lush and unfurling life, ever pounding the lifeblood of summer's awakening.

Tribute to May ~ Emerald #may #birthstone #emerald

June, that mirrored breath of both spring and summer, lowers her lashes from that first bloom's blush and casts her gaze toward ever lengthening days, those filled with love's bright rush.

Tribute to June ~ Pearl #june #birthstone #pearl
July, lady afire, breath heated and heavy, casts her blazing eye upon the earth. Daring us to look away from her consuming glance, she treads dangerously close to the edge of an inward flame.

Tribute to July ~ Ruby #july #birthstone #ruby
August, shrouded in a pollened haze, lazily bats her eyes at the beating sun as a heavy humidity envelopes one after another of rolling afternoons.

Tribute to August ~ Peridot #august #birthstone #peridot
September, the eternal lady with two lovers. Enflamed by the blazing eyes of Summer, she burns bright, reckless and wonderful. But... her eyes soon wander. Autumn woos, begging her allegiance to shift. The allure of a cool and steadier love is too tempting...

Tribute to September ~ Sapphire #september #birthstone #sapphire

October, that illustrious maiden so full of maddening change with galaxies of color glistening within. Flashes of Summer green, tints of Springtime yellow, kisses of Autumn red, and touches of Winter blue all thrive and pulse in her breast like a newly burgeoning world.

Tribute to October ~ Opal #october #birthstone #opal

November, happiest of all her sibling months, frolics and plays, dances and sways among the lost leaves of Summer. Friend for the lonely, she gathers the fallen in her golden embrace, whispering sweet lullabies, easing each into their long and peaceful sleep.

Tribute to November ~ Topaz #november #birthstone #topaz #citrine
December, the quiet keeper of starlight, maiden of the moon, soothes the still breath of the sighing night. Gently she lulls her winter charge, "Sleep, sleep o earthen dreamer, 'til the coming spring shall wake thee".

Tribute to December ~ Turquoise #december #birthstone #turquoise

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