Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Ooh La La

40s style bra in Tiffany blue

Garter Belt and Stockings

Reproduction Vintage Panties and Seamed Stockings

1940s Style Pointed Bra in Tiffany Blue
The Sunday Snag is about to get some heat! 

Relax, no jiggly bits will be seen. I just wanted to give you a peek at what I've been wearing under all these vintage finds you've been ogling at lately. Back on my Bucket List Outfit post (see here), you got to see the only (until now) visible part of my underpinnings, my seamed stockings. Well, here is the rest of the innumerable under-layers that made up that outfit. None of these are actual vintage, but instead they are reproductions of vintage styles. 

I've been coveting the garter belt look for quite a long time. I love clean line of the contrasted seam in the back and the oh so sexy tug that a garter belt makes on the skin. It is actually quite funny to me that this seems so scandalous to post on a blog. I mean, really, I see girls on the street in smaller dresses than my slip (not to mention the amount of skin seen in the modern shorts style!). So don't get your blood pressure up, this is only as naughty as you allow it to be. 
*I did get these pre-approved by the hubs, by the way. I do care what he feels comfortable with and vetoed a couple of photos per his request. So on with the show!)

I got all my luxurious lingerie (sans slip) from What Katy Did, an online store specializing in vintage reproduction lingerie. They were very helpful via Live Chat and the package came quickly. I wavered a bit on the sizes, but everything worked out relatively well. I purchased contrasted seamed stockings, the Maitresse garter belt and panties, and the 40s style Clarice bra in a Tiffany blue. The 40s bra is pointed (like the ones of that period), but not as pointed as a 50s bullet bra. It has a soft cup and no underwire. As I'm not very busty, this works well for me and was supremely comfortable and quite pretty. The stockings were wonderful! I had to get used to the non-stretch of them though. I've never had stockings that needed a garter to be held up, so even though it is common sense, I didn't anticipate them having no stretch. Same with the bra. There isn't elastic in it, so you have to be very sure of your size as there is no stretch. 

If any of you have specific questions, ask away! This was my first experience with all of these item styles and I would be glad to help if you aren't sure about something or have random questions.

Vintage Style Stockings and Garter Belt

Vintage style contrast seamed stockings

Last Week's Sunday Snag:

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