Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Heaven Sent Me These Pants

1950s cropped blouse #vintage #1950s #fashion

This was the best snag I made at the All Balboa Weekend dance event! These pants, that is! The shirt I adore as well, but more on that in a minute cause these pants! There they were, at The Cleveland Shop booth, hanging quietly, quite unassuming, as hoards of girls passed them up for fancy dresses. But I heard them whisper. My fingers felt the lightweight fabric and my eyes caught the pumpkin spice color immediately. I just prayed they would fit! I added them to my human clothes rack/shopping cart (the hubs) and made my way to try on all my finds. 

Well, as luck would have it, they fit perfectly! No alterations, just a few stitches loose that I could take care of back home. Help me out vintage savants, what era are these, 30s or 40s? They have no zipper, just a side button closure. All I know is that I felt like freakin' Katherine Hepburn in this outfit! They feel like walking in meringue people. Light as a feather, probably a silk/cotton blend, and a loose wide leg make them the. perfect. pant. Especially for dancing! You stay cool and they don't stick to you and show sweat. THANK YOU BALBOA GODS! 

I had brought along this adorable top that I hadn't worn yet, just hoping that I would find something to go with it. So glad I did because these pantaloons were a perfect coupling! The blouse, from Fancy That Vintage, is a 1950s plaid in pastel colors of blue, pink, green, and yellow. It is cropped which is fun but necessary to have high waisted pants or shorts (at least for me anyway). The waistband is fitted while the bust is blousey, which conveniently gives the illusion of a smaller waist. Yippee!

You can't see them, but I just have my dance tennies on as I was on my way out of the hotel room to take 4 hours of dance lessons. I don't wear much jewelry when dancing as it can be hazardous, so I just put on my white button earrings. My glamorous bracelet is my event wristband for the weekend. My hair is in second day pin curls that I left the front hair down and pinned the back up with bobbies and two combs. Sorry, I didn't think to snap a photo of the back so you could see it. Next time. 

Vintage Day Outfit on ChatterBlossom #1940s #1950s #fashion #vintage

     Retro Fashion #1950s #vintage #fashionPerfect 1950s Daytime Outfit #vintage #fashion

Side Detail on 1940s Day Outfit #1940 #vintage #fashion

Pants: 1930s/1940s from The Cleveland Shop
Blouse: 1950s from Fancy That Vintage
Earrings: "Sugar Drops" from my shop ChatterBlossom

Vintage Day Outfit on ChatterBlossom #fashion #vintage

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