Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Thrill – B&B Getaway, Part Three

Gorgeous B&B landscaping #vacation #garden #cottage
Today is the third and final installment of our bed and breakfast adventure! To catch you up, the hubs and I spent our 10th wedding anniversary at the most amazing b&b and I thought I might share it with you all. Click to see Part One: The Room and Part Two: The Food.

Part Three: The Setting

If you all haven't stayed in a bed and breakfast before, I can't recommend them enough. We stayed in our first b&b for our honeymoon and fell in love with the home-like comfort and intimacy that a b&b provides. Now I'm sure there are some bad eggs out there. Not every b&b we've stayed in is magnificent, but I would venture to say that every one has been better than a hotel stay for us. We are complete converts and almost every vacation we take involves staying at a b&b. That said, it is no surprise that we chose to stay in one for our recent 10th anniversary too.

When we found The Fearrington House Inn online, we thought, "Yes, please!". The photos on their website were beautiful and I couldn't wait to escape into that place. I've said in the previous posts that it's like a little village and I thought this was great because it would really make it feel "far away" from home. Driving down the street to a hotel room? Not so much. So we reserved our room and started making plans to go. 

The place was waaaaaaaaaaaaay prettier than the pictures on their website. Waaaaaaaay prettier. Not to bash their photographer. The photos were great. But the place was just so perfect in person. You just can't get the same feeling in a photo. Which brings me to showing you my photos and trying to make you feel what I just said you wouldn't be able to. Achg! Sorry guys, just put yourself in a happy place and then make that happy place what you see here.

The place where the Fearrington stands today has a long history of farming (since the 1700s) and the buildings and layout have that old farm house/village feel. There are converted barns and a few of the buildings, including where that glorious dinner took place, seem to be restorations of rather old homes. The top photo above is where we ate breakfast, had our afternoon tea, and ate the best meal of our life. 

The photos below show the grounds and some buildings located within the Inn. The landscaping and gardens were so charming! There were gardens everywhere; herbs, flowers, fountains, etc. There were two "public" rooms with sofas, coffee, games, etc. that guests could visit to relax. One of these rooms had a walk through into the beautiful garden you see directly below in the first photo. Nighttime was just as pretty because they had hung orbs of lights from the trees and had dim lamps guiding your way throughout the village. The b&b even provided bicycles to guests! They had them all lined up so cute, I couldn't help but snap a photo. 

I hope you enjoyed my third helping of ramblings! We just loved our date week and b&b staycation so much that I wanted to share it and maybe inspire you all to take a little b&b adventure of your own. Thank you for sharing in ours!

Beautiful Gardens at B&B #getaway #vacation

Beautiful B&B #getaway #vacation #anniversary

Beautiful B&B and gardens #garden #cottage #vacation

Bikes at our B&B vacation #getaway #vacation #travel #bicycle

Beautiful Garden Pathway #garden

Beautiful B&B setting #vacation #travel #relax

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