Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Quintessentially Autumn

Breath in that Autumn Air! #vintage #autumn #fashion #fall #style

AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...breath it in folks. That gloriously delicious, smells so good you could slap your sister, autumn air. Mmmmmmm... It is so hard not to want to waste the day away on a swing somewhere in this weather! Or skip! Yes, skipping is inevitable really. Just let it happen. Nothin' wrong with a 30 year old woman in a tiny sombrero skipping down the sidewalk.

Speaking of sombreros, let me tell you about my outfit! High five for an awesome transition, I said to myself.

Don't you just love this get-up?! I feel like the start of autumn itself in this outfit. Leaves still green, but turning ever so slightly into a golden hue against the brown bark to which they cling. These colors are warm and inviting and they make me feel just as warm and inviting!

Vintage style for Fall #vintage #fashion #autumn #fall #trousers #hat

There are all kinds of goodies in this ensemble that I want to share with you so lets dive in. Maybe start with the cardigan? Oh who am I kidding, the HAT!! Let me tell you about the hat! I saw this hat a while back (probably May?) in the Etsy shop of Wild Honey Pie Vintage. Crazy cute alert! rang through my brain and I made a mental note to keep an eye on it and wait to see if there was ever a sale that would put it within my grasp. Two months later my patience was rewarded! 50% off sale?! What?! Bam! That hat is mine! I was so excited by this purchase. This is my first cool weather vintage hat. I have picked up a few summertime pretties and a fancy fascinator type, but none for the fall or winter. This one is a pristine beauty too! She is from the 1930s in a sombrero like shape with soft chocolate brown velour and tiny coppery bronze beads sewn throughout. She even has all her original tags and marks! Made by Mr. Irving Originals, this hat may be one of the most playful and adorable hats I'll ever own.

Details on 1930s Tilt Hat #vintage #hat #1930s #irving #fashion

Alright, now that the hat has been gushed over I can now turn to the rest of the lovelies. My cardigan is modern. Forever 21 if you can believe it. I picked up this mashed-pea-green cardi for $8 at Uptown Cheapskate (a local consignment store that I believe has franchises all over the US).

My trousers you've seen once before (here). They are reproduction 1940s garbadine pants made by a tremendously talented and nice lady at Time Machine Vintage. Their high waist and loose leg is a favorite of mine and I'm sure you'll be seeing them many times throughout the cooler weather Sunday Snags.

Accessory Detail on Vintage Fall Outfit #vintage #fashion #style #fall

Fall Weather Vintage Style #vintage #fashion #fall #autumn #1940s #1930s

My shoes are a fun Snag that I finally get to show you today! I've had them for a while (since June) and am now just getting the chance to wear them. Aren't they just perfect trouser shoes?! These 1940s oxfords are from Honey Talk Vintage, the same shop where I got my Bucket List shoes (see here)! These were my second purchase from that incredible shoe laden shop (seriously, you should go look at her shoe selection. It is incredible.). I snagged these up during a 40% off vacation sale at the beginning of summer and knew that they would come in handy come fall. They are brown suede with lizard accents! Fun! Plus, they were in unworn, excellent condition. I think they go rather swimmingly with my purple polka dot socks too!

Accessories were fun to pick out for this outfit. I wanted them to be warm and playful so that they could keep easy company with that hat. I got this pre-1930s leaf brooch as a part of a grouping of old jewelry that I bought for another particular piece that you'll see in the future. This brooch was just icing on the cake. It is a gold stamped leaf with an old C clasp and a prong set emerald color stone. I was originally thinking I might make it into a hair accessory for the shop, but I may just keep this for myself for the time being.

Crisp Day in Autumn #vintage #fashion #style #autumn #fall

1940s Lizard and Suede Oxfords #vintage #shoes #1940s #fashion

Vintage 40s Oxfords in Suede & Lizard #vintage #oxford #shoes #brown #1940s

I'm wearing two pieces of my jewelry, one that is in the shop and one that is all mine! The ring, "Under an Autumn Sunset", is currently in my shop and may be the most perfect fall weather accent ever! It is made from an Edwardian button and has a mixture of gold, green, violet, and blue tints on a raised flower like background. Do you know how hard it is for me to let these pieces go?! Ugh, I love this ring, but alas, I cannot keep them all and some lucky duck in the great wide world will hopefully love her as much as I do.

That said, I'm keeping this bracelet. Yup. It's mine. I may do a post just for this bracelet actually. You need to see it much closer up to appreciate the gorgeousness. I made this bracelet from an antique button as well. OH this button! It is a depiction of the four seasons in a Mucha style with four Art Nouveau ladies in their various seasonal wrappings surrounded by borders of grapes, flowers, trees, and wheat. I adore this button and now I can wear it around in absolutely every season. Heads up! I'll be adding some bracelets to my shop soon too! They will be adjustable too because my tiny wrists struggle to fit most and I know others have the opposite problem as well. Keep a look out, there are going to be some real beauties coming soon. Just not this one. This one is mine all mine.

My Vintage Autumn #vintage #fashion #style #autumn #fall #1930s #1940s

Outfit Details
Hat: 1930s Velour Tilt from Wild Honey Pie Vintage
Cardigan: Modern from Uptown Cheapskate
Pants: Reproduction 1940s from Time Machine Vintage
Shoes: 1940s Suede & Lizard Oxfords from Honey Talk Vintage
Brooch: Pre-1930s Gold with Green Stone, Ebay
Bracelet: Antique Four Seasons by me ChatterBlossom
Purse: 1960s Straw & Leather Basket from local flea market

My very cute helper! #photo #vintage #assistantPeek-a-boo! #1930s #vintage #hat #fashion

Side Notes: It was very windy the day we took these photos and I forgot to grab a hat pin! Blast! Which is why you see me holding my hat in many of these photos. I won't forget next time!

Also, if you've ever wondered how I take my photos, I set up a tripod and adjust all the settings to how I like them. Then my husband very sweetly clicks some photos, I come and adjust the camera again to a different angle or setting, and then he very sweetly clicks some more. We do this on repeat. The hubs doesn't really have an eye for photo taking, but he does have a working finger, so he has been recruited to press the button until I can get a remote. Luckily, he is very patient with me and lets me do as many adjustments and photos as I want. To get the setting or light the way I want, I'll have him go in front of the camera for a quick test pic or two. As you can see, he doesn't seem to mind at all!! Seeing him try to recreate one of my poses is pretty hilarious and I'm sure he'll appreciate that I'm only showing you one!

*Accident Update: My husband is doing really well!! Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and support. Never found the driver who hit him, but we did find out that he doesn't need shoulder surgery, so that is great news! He is out of the sling and on the mend! Thank you all for being so wonderful!*

Detail on 1930s Velour Tilt Hat #vintage #hat #fashion #style #1930s #30s

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