Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Photo Swoon – Wrap My Love in Lace

Lillian Gish in Lace #1920s #fashion #lace #gish
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In anticipation of this weekend, I'm sharing with you some overwhelmingly romantic images of lace adorned ladies. I purchased my very first vintage lace dress, which you will see on this Sunday's Snag, and I've been searching the web for examples of lace in eras past. It is not difficult to find them. Lace has been a staple of femininity (and masculinity at times!) for many many years now. Some of my very favorites are shown during the 1920s. They have such a lazy seductive quality, like being draped in head to toe lace is just another Friday afternoon for them. The sheer amount of hand work that would have gone into many of these fabrics is mind boggling! Every time I see lace pieces that have lasted from the Edwardian period, my heart melts and I can't believe anything so delicate stood the test of so many decades.

Do you wear lace? How do you use it in your wardrobe? 

Wrapped in Lace and Dreams #1920s #fashion #lace #vintage
Breathtaking Lace Work #1920s #lace #fashion #dress #style
June Collyer #1920s #hair #fashion #lace #vintage #boudoir
Joan Crawford in the 1920s, Photo by Ruth Harriet Louise #1920s #lace #hat
Follies Girl #1920s #ziegfeld #fashion #lace #vintage
Natalie Moorhead, 1930 #vintage #lace #dress #fashion
Loretta Young #1930s #1940s #vintage #lace #fashion #style
Faye Emerson #1940s #lace #hat #fashion
Lilli Palmer #1940s #lace #gloves #vintage #fashion
Erwin Blumenfeld Photo #lace #vintage #veil #fashion #style #1950s

Last Week's Friday Photo Swoon:

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  1. To me, lace is the epitome of a feminine look. So many lovely images captured here.


  2. I don't own anything lacy, I don't think, but now I've seen these pictures I feel that needs instantly correcting!

  3. So beautiful and mesmerising! Thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos, Jamie! At the moment I don't have anything lacy apart from a lace mask, but it's only because I am looking for my perfect lace dress and yet to find one that looks good and suits my budget. Perhaps, I need to look for some vintage options - these look beyond amazing. x

  4. the first and second picture have just given me so much inspiration, i love what they are both wearing! i personally love wearing lace, most of which are vintage nightgown cover-ups that i wear as a little jacket pull-over. i would love to own more though after reading this post!

    lindsey louise

  5. I only wear lace on my underwear now, but when I was younger, I had lots of lacy things. Maybe when I get just a little older, I will have purple hair and dress entirely in lace!! Lovely photographs, thank you for sharing them.

  6. Oh my goodness! Thanks for posting this the pictures are beyond gorgeous particularly the 1920s ones. When I got maried 12 years ago I desperately wanted a vintage lace dress but could not find or afford one so instead I had a lovely 1920s lace style veil, it was my one experience with lace and it was divince. I really want a vintage lace dress some day

    kate the old fashioned way

  7. Though I can't say as though I have a massive abundance of it in my closet, lace is certainly a firm favourite. I have lace dresses and tops, camisoles and slips (new and vintage) trimmed in it, even lace gloves, and always enjoy adding more to my closet. It can be sweet or sultry, and just about anything in between, depending on the garment and how it's styled. I love it's old world connection and classic beauty so very much!

    ♥ Jessica