Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk – Dot

Tiny Ladybug Ring! #antique #jewelry #ring #ladybug

Personality: The Fluttery and Dainty
Places you'll find yourself: Gently settling into the porch swing for a quick afternoon nap in the sunshine
Tiny Ladybug Cocktail Ring #antique #ring #ladybug #jewelry

Isn't she cute?! This darling ring was made with an antique stamped brass button, circa 1880 to 1918, and pictures an itty bitty ladybug perched atop a leaf. I named her Dot for obvious reasons, but also because I've always loved that very vintage name (usually short for Dorothy or Dorothea). I'm actually pretty tempted to keep this for myself as I've always loved ladybugs, but alas, I'm in love with most of these wee buttons and I can't keep them all. I'm sure she will make someone else very happy too!
Antique Ladybug Ring #ladybug #jewelry #antique


Tiny Antique Ladybug Ring! #antique #jewelry #ladybug #ring
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  1. So beautiful. Definitely going to check out more.

  2. Once again you have a wonderful creation. I always look forward to see what you have created. Have a great day!
    Heidi’s Wanderings

  3. Hi Jamie, I could not believe my eyes when I spotted that sweet little ladybird on a button! I had no idea you could even buy buttons like that. I think you should keep Dot, she is far too beautiful to pass on to someone else.

  4. This is such a wonderful piece!

  5. Elegantly lovely ring - there's scarcely an outfit around it wouldn't compliment beautifully.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Oddly enough my praying mantis is named Dot, obviously it is a name perfect for those of the invertebrate persuasion!