Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Tea Garden

vintage don anderson white floral straw hat cloche shape from the 1960s
1960's Spring Flower Cloche from My Drawing Number One

The days are coming where late mornings will be perfect. Perfect, that is, for tea. Tea outside. Tea in the garden of Spring. 

pale yellow and white vintage style mary jane heels
Handmade Leather Shoes by Daphne Board

Those days will be soft under foot, earth still springy, sponging from the sun.

Multi color pastel jumper with chevron stripes and bib tank top from 1970s
Vintage Chevron Bib Dress from Salvage Life

Enough warmed light to kiss your shoulders and neck...

vintage 40's sparkly silver bow brooch
1940's Bow Brooch from Revolving Styles

and reflect a happy flicker from both brooch and eyes.

Black floral lace mesh dress hem guard for bicycle wheel
Bicycle Skirt Guard by Frill Ride

Ride to the garden park with gloved hands, but feet up, like the little girl who once giggled in a downhill descent.

Vegan Soap handmade and natural in a bird shape
Coffee Scrub Soap by Seventh Tree Soaps

But remember to wash up when you get to tea. We want hands as smooth and clean as the newly opened crocus who raises her hands to mother sun for her morning inspection.

Colclough tea cup, saucer, creamer set in acorn pattern with bone white and blue china
Vintage Colclough Tea Set from Nancy's Tea Shop

Now we're ready. Ready for tea. Tea among flowers and birds and bees.

pastel green wiggle skirt with tulle peplum and high waist
Mint Polk Dot Peplum Skirt by Ginny & Jude Designs

But do let us have a quick glance about while the leaves steep into deep amber...

pink dogwood photograph in the early spring bloom
Dogwood Fine Art Photograph by Kim Deslandes Photography

Pale pinks, yellows, and whites sprinkle the view as the first of the dogwoods have opened their eyes. 

market spice cookies by breadline cafe
Market Spice Cookies by Breadline Cafe

Though wafting hints of golden spiced tea and crumbly cookies remind us to hurry back to table. Comfortably seated, nibbling goodies and sipping tea, there is no better place to quietly watch for more blooms to wake and hear the local birds sound their daily news.

photography of early spring bloom of pink magnolias in garden
Magnolia Fine Art Photography by Metro Line 6 Photography

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