Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk – Heart of Stone

Marble Button Earrings by ChatterBlossom
Personality: The Stoic and Strong Minded
Places you'll find yourself: Reading up on the latest issues of the day and contemplating what is in your power to help
Polished Rock Stud Earrings by ChatterBlossom

These earrings are actually quite unusual. They are vintage buttons that are made from some type of polished stone, possibly a marble, in a creamy white with a cut jigsaw pattern. They're also quite large, compared to most buttons anyway, at 10/16", which I think is fun as it makes them more noticeable and almost gauge like. Although, they may only be bigger looking to me because my ear lobes are so freakishly small.  Normal human beings may not think they're all that big in their normal human sized ears. 
Polished Marble Button Studs by ChatterBlossom

Polished Stone Studs by ChatterBlossom

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