Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Sunday Snag – A Bit O' Green

Early 1960s Day Outfit on ChatterBlossom #1960 #1950 #fashion #womens

Remember this snag? You can see the original post here. My sister gave this dress to me for Christmas this year and I've already worn it many, many times. This dress is perfect for swing dancing! I wore it one time to an afternoon tea with family, but every other time has been for dancing. It is just so light and easy to wear/move. The pattern also makes it ideal for hiding sweat (which is a big problem when dancing up a storm). Guys have it lucky. They can just pack an extra shirt to change into, but I can't bring a whole other outfit just because I sweat a little. 

This photo was snapped in my living room right before we headed out to dance on a Saturday night. The original belt was missing, so I added a modern, tan leather, skinny belt with cute gold studs. Because the dress pattern is so pronounced, I wore multiple hair flowers to bring attention back up to my face. These were ivory hydrangeas, each with a different vintage button center, one shell, one pearl, and one wooden.

Dress: Early 1960s from Ms. Tips
Belt: Express
Hair Flowers: From my shop, ChatterBlossom

Last Week's Sunday Snag:

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