Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Picking Pansies

Modern Retro Style #retro #fashion #vintage #style #1950s #1960s

The weather here is ripe for knitwear and I must say I'm pleased! Winter is something in which I don't particularly thrive, but a lovely Autumn day where the sun still shines is just my cup of tea. I love knitwear and this cool/warm combo in the weather suits it perfectly. I'm not freezing and hunkered down by my space heater. I'm also not a sweaty kid if I choose to wear a cardigan. I need to bask in this gorgeous weather now because in just a couple of weeks the temperatures won't be so kind.

Detail on 1960s Cherry Red Cardi #vintage #fashion #1960s #style

The day we took these photos was just such a primo day and I decided to don something more casual and playful, so that the hubs and I could enjoy a more relaxed outing. What can be more comfy than jeans and a knit cardi! I purchased this super cute 1960s cardigan from Rust Belt Threads during a sale in early September. Cherry red, white stripes, crocheted neckline, and a sweet little pansy embroidered on the chest! Such a retro classic! The fit is spot on though, so no cupcakes for me today...okay maybe just one. 

The cardigan is a cropped style, but luckily, a bit on the longer side of cropped which made it an option for me to wear jeans. I love these jeans, but they are modern and not quite as high of a waist. I very much need and prefer a high waist on pants and I would love to get a pair of vintage blue jeans or a reproduction style some day, but for now, these will do. For modern, they are a higher waist than most and are easily the nicest pair of jeans I've ever owned. My sister gave them to me as a 30th birthday gift from Anthropologie and I've worn no other jeans since.

Walking Out in Retro #vintage #fashion #retro #style #1950s #pinup

Peek-a-boo Detail on 1940s Platforms #vintage #heels #1940s #shoes #pinup

My jeans are a cropped skinny style, which made them perfect to roll into cuffs so that I could show off the newest addition to my shoe closet! Aren't they beauties?! I have had wondrous luck with finding shoes on Ebay recently. I think it's because shoes are much harder to buy online without trying them on and people have such an exact size requirement where clothing has a range. It has worked out in my favor though because there is a better chance I can find a pair in my price range when there isn't a hoard of bidders. 

This particular pair is a style I've wanted to try for a while. They are 1940s platform pinup shoes with a high ankle strap. I couldn't previously justify paying for a pair like this to try because they didn't seem danceable (which tends to sway the vote). However, I snatched up this pair for $20, so no justification needed! They have such pretty detailing too. They're in a classic deep navy with triangular cut-outs on the toes and strappy detailing on the back. There was only a slight tear on the back but I got that patched up at a shoe repair for $7, so no worries there. I must say, these are tremendously more comfortable and stable than I would have expected too!

A Lovely Day for Vintage #1950s #fashion #1960s #style #vintage

I'm wearing two pieces of jewelry (well three, technically). My happy little earrings are 1950s/60s clip on daisies in red, white, and blue that I picked up at the local flea market. My two bracelets are coming soon to my shop and are ridiculously cute! They are made with the tiniest of tiny antique buttons with double sided sporting intaglios hand painted under glass. One bracelet has an itty bitty golfer in mid swing on one side and a French bulldog on the other. The second bracelet has a black Scotty dog on one side and an Irish wolfhound on the reverse. 

Pretty Antique Jewelry Details #vintage #fashion #antique #jewelry #1950s

Outfit Details
Cardigan: 1960s knit from Rust Belt Threads
Jeans: Gift from my sister, Anthropologie
Shoes: 1940s navy platforms, Ebay
Earrings: 1950s/60s clip on daisies, local flea market
Bracelets: Coming soon to my shop ChatterBlossom

Show off them shoes!! #vintage #shoes #1940s #heels #pinup

1940s Pinup Platforms #vintage #shoes #40s #heels #pinupBeautiful back detail on vintage heels #1940s #heels #vintage #shoes

Looking back at the early 1960s #vintage #style #60s #fashion #retro #1950s

Event Announcement!!
This Thursday will be my very first fashion link-up and the theme is plaid! Get any of your vintage or modern plaid outfits ready and come back for some fun on Thursday, Nov. 7th!!

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  1. Beautiful outfit, I love how casual but very pinup you look! That cardigan is gorgeous and I am having some major shoe envy over your 40s heels :3

  2. Those shoes are adorable!!!!

    Happy Sunday, Jamie!

  3. What an adorable look! Have a happy Sunday. ☺

  4. What a fantastic sweater I love the color, and adore the shoes. I look forward to seeing the sweet bracelets in your shop soon. I may have to get one or two.

  5. What a fantastic look, photos, and post! Loved how you mixed vintage and modern. Thank you for featuring my shop. :)

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous!!!! :)

  7. Very Laverne and Shirley! : )


  8. Jamie, you look beautiful! I'm impressed by how you mixed the items, the cardi is so cute!:) Happy Sunday dear, kisses! xo

  9. Hey, this isn't fair! You start out with a natural advantage (being prettier than the rest of us) and then leap to the front of the pack by wearing this incredibly-attractive cardigan. That's like giving steroids to a star baseball player. How can the rest of us compete?? :-)

  10. Very cute!! I love the little pansy on the cardigan!

  11. Love your look!! Love that cardi and those shoes! You have achieved a very romantic vintage look...

  12. love it. the colour is glorious and perfect for this time of year. and the shoes are perfection.
    love everything about this: playful, demure with a hint of sexy.

  13. A very lovely knit top, but oh my, those shoes! I'm curious what your shoe size is? I have such a hard time finding reasonably priced 40s shoes. My shoe size is 8.5 so there is a lot of competition. Strappy shoes are even more in demand so you certain lucked out on these gems!

    1. I know I answered this in my recent post for you but I figured it might be good to have it here too in case someone saw your question and wanted to know. I wear a 6 1/2 to 7. ;-)

  14. Such a cute outfit, I love your cropped cardi.

  15. You are adorable! I love the outfit, especially the shoes- what a find! For high waisted jeans, I've had good luck at banana republic (when they have their 40% off sale, of course) with their trouser style jeans.

  16. The colors look great on you. The cardi is very pretty. XOXO

  17. You look gorgeous , no one does vintage quite like you!


  18. Absolutely love this outfit. The jeans are beautiful and fit you so well and the shoes are just lovely - I adore the cut out details and how sexy and flirtatious they look on. x

  19. Just so adorable, love the top and shoes too :) Pretty pretty x

  20. really cute, Im with you on high waist jeans. I got a pair a while ago and I love them. Prior too I never wore jeans. You look darling in your modern or high waist ones and have a perfect figure though


  21. Perfect outfit! And I'm so so jealous of the shoes you've been finding!

  22. OMG, you look so beautiful honey! Love your outfit! You look gorgeous in your modern or high waist ones and have a perfect figure <3

  23. Your shoes are a wonderful find plus the sweater is a beauty. Your jeans fit great! This is hard to find, these look like they can go with so many outfits. Great pictures.

    blue hue wonderland

  24. You look so wonderful! I love this kinda pinup-retro mood in your outfit, hair styling is absolutely adorable!

    Thank you for lovely stopping by, happy week ahead

  25. What an amazing outfit, Jamie! I love, love, love the color of the sweater! So pretty!

  26. You look as cute as a vintage button - and, may I add, have a magnificent figure, which this outfit highlights in such a becoming, lovely way.

    ♥ Jessica

  27. Those shoes were such a great find! I love them!

  28. I love, love, love your cardigan – the pansy is just too cute. I bet your hubby enjoys taking the ‘photos with you looking so good.

  29. Whoa.....someone's looking absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love the vintage vibe of the look!!!!


  30. You are a true beauty Jamie! I absolutely adore the outfit and the shoes were a perfect compliment!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  31. Ah! This look is so fun and pretty and totally retro! You look amazing!!

  32. I am so smitten by this retro/glam look. You look amazing! Stopping by from the Style Sessions Link up!


  33. Thank you all so much for stopping by to check out my sweet little cardi and shoes! That was such a beautiful day and you all made it special for many days after!