Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Ribbon Wrapped Just For Me

1940s Patent Leather Heels with Grosgrain Ribbon Detail

Oh my! {enter gasps of delight}
Are these not the most scrumptious pair of shoes you've ever seen?! 

This Sunday Snag is just the first of three (you heard me, three!) teasers for what will hopefully be a magical outfit post in June. My husband, yes, the one you've all heard is amazing and wonderful and the best, has surprised me with the greatest gift ever for our upcoming wedding anniversary. It's a big one too! {enter joke here} We will be celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss in the first part of June! I cannot begin to describe how vastly and ridiculously in love I am with this man and many, many more years are necessary before I'll feel even the least bit satisfied that we've had enough time together. 

Okay, gushing aside, the hubs has engineered the best idea for an anniversary gift. We were talking one night about how we didn't have enough date nights. Suddenly, he perked up and suggested, "Why don't we just have a date WEEK for our anniversary?". Uhm, yes! Whatever that is, sign me up! We frantically came up with preliminary plans and decided that we would take a whole week off together and plan a different date for every day and night. We will go on picnics, to movies, dancing, out to dinner, etc. How fantastic is that?!

Plus, as if that weren't enough, he said he wanted to take me to Lantern, a local restaurant that is rated the most romantic in all of North Carolina and one of the top 50 restaurants in the country! Holy crap, can this get better?!

The answer is yes because my husband is like freakin' Santa Claus on speed. I was all like "Oooh, what would I wear???" and he said "Why don't you buy your bucket list dress?". WHAT?! We've talked about bucket lists before and I always said that I would put a mint condition 1940s outfit on mine. You know, something I would very likely never obtain except in my dreams. Well, he said to go for it! And my brain imploded. You have to realize, people, that we are not wealthy kids. The most I can usually afford to spend on any item is $30 on a good day. But I just got the green light to get an outfit from my fantasies! This anniversary will. be. epic! 

So here is the first purchase off of my Bucket List outfit. Pristine condition, never worn, 1940s peep toe heels in a black patent leather with a wrapped grosgrain ribbon detail. They have the cutest curled accent ribbon on the top too, like a little chocolate shaving on a piece of pie! The shop that made this magic happen was Honey Talk Vintage, where you can find many a bucket lister item to indulge in.

I'm SO excited about all of this and can't wait to share the 2nd teaser with you all next week!

Ribbon Detail on 1940s Heels
Mint Condition vintage shoes 1940s

Last Week's Sunday Snag:

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