Monday, April 8, 2013

Make My Monday – Meet Me in Person!

Saturday April 13th craft show and plant sale at Raleigh Moravian Church

Would you like to meet me or see my creations in person?! If any of you are in the area, I'm going to take part in a local craft show this Saturday. This will be the first time I've ever done anything like this before! I'm a bit terrified (okay, a lot terrified!), but there is no time like the present to do something that scares you. I don't really have what you would call "displays" or anything, but I'm going to make do with what I can find in my home. I will be bringing all the items from my shop, plus over one hundred that have not been listed yet. To have a peek at what will be there, visit my shop.

So, please come visit me and my smiling face! I would love to meet you! Just know that this could be a total disaster, an epic fail, or I could be situated between two top hat wearing monkeys and it could be the best day of your life. 

The craft show is called the Spring Fling and will be held at Raleigh Moravian Church, located at 1816 Ridge Rd in Raleigh on Sat. April 13th from 10am to 3pm. 

Wish me luck and hope to see you there!

Side note: Because of the chaos surrounding the preparation for the craft fair, I won't be posting a Thursday Thrill, Saturday Shop Talk, or Sunday Snag this week. Sorry guys, but I will return the following week! Thank you for understanding! 

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  1. How fun! Man, I wish I lived close.

  2. That interesting. I really want to visti you.


  3. es una idea fantástica!!
    BESOS :D

  4. I wish I could! You're only a day's ride from me, but I have a trial to conduct. Please alert us to your next public appearance and I'll try to calendar it in. Good luck!

  5. Here's to a very successful sale! You will do great!!! (Sorry I can't make it; that's a looooooong way from California! Have a great time... jules

  6. Sounds fantastic! Have fun and good luck organising everything. x

  7. Yay have so much fun at the craft show! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Good luck, so wish I lived closer.

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

  9. Good luck! I know you'll do great. :)

  10. sounds fun good luck


  11. No freaking out, your creations are beautiful!!!! I think you will have an amazing time and you better be taking pics.

  12. You're going to do a great job. I hope you'll blog about it and show us how it went. =0)

  13. So wished I lived close by so I could pop by to support you : )

    Best of luck!


  14. I would love to see your creations in person, too bad I don't love near by! Good luck with the event!


  15. You will do awesome! Can't wait to hear how it goes! I will be at the beach! Hope we both have awesome weather!

  16. D: You are way too farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I would so love to have a meet and greet with you, Jamie!!