Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting Started

Busy, busy, busy here at ChatterBlossom. I just opened my shop barely a month ago! And in that time I've managed to post 37 items for sale, which is a feat when you have to create, photograph, and do the actual listing process on Etsy. I was pretty excited when I saw my shop online this morning and realized how far it had come in such a short time. 

Now, the really tough part of this process happens. Trying to get my shop out to the world. It really is kind of daunting to think about how to make that happen. I've created a Facebook Page and a Pinterest Page, but I'm not particularly adept at the tech world which I would imagine is quite a disadvantage in this highly electronic world. However! This is a new day and new ideas are to be had! 

I would love to get your feedback and hear your voice, so please leave comments if you want to share in this uncharted adventure with me.

hair pins with textured golden buttons used for hair accessorizing
"Golden Buttons" In Shop 

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