Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Photo Swoon – Sisters

Sisters #antique #photograph #sisters

In anticipation of this weekend's Saturday Shop Talk and Sunday Snag, a post of sisterly love is in order! My sister is one of the dearest people to me on earth and I can't imagine not having her steady friendship in my now adult life. I say adult life because, as do most older sisters, I didn't exactly make my baby sister's life easy when we were kids. But now that I'm no longer a stupid idiot, I realize how wonderful she is and how much I love and like her! Aww, the wisdom that can come with age...

Pearl Sisters #antique #vintage #photo #1920s #sisters
1920s Sisters #antique #1920s #flapper #sisters #vintage
Fairbank Sisters #vintage #1920s #flapper #sisters
Sisters #vintage #photograph #1930s #sisters
Sisters in 1939 #vintage #1930s #sisters
Young sisters #1950s #sisters #photo #vintage

Me and My Sister
(I'm the ridiculous one, sitting down)
Children of the 80s #1980s #sisters #children #vintage

Last Week's Friday Photo Swoon:

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  1. You look cute :)

    New Post Up:

  2. Charming post. I often wonder how different my life would have been if I'd had a sister. Someone to confide in and ally with. It would have given me more confidence and opportunity to be my real self under the yoke of parental control.

    1. Yes, or you would have had slamming doors, screaming matches, and tantrums! Hahaha! ;-)

  3. This is just so sweet! I love my sister too! I know what you mean about being a kid and being mean to your sister though! Now as adults we are very close! That last picture of you and your sister is so special!


  4. Very sweet. Love the last photo the best.

  5. great pictures, you and your sister are super cute

    kate the old fashioned way

  6. Really lovely post, I love my big sister to bits!
    I hope your hubby is much better now.

    1. He is doing so much better Barbara, thank you! Wearing a sling and taking lots of naps, but getting up and around much easier. ;-)