Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Photo Swoon – Fading Blooms

Mrs. Benjamin F. Russell. Woman in greenhouse. ca. 1910. #autochrome #vintage

Oh how I love autochrome photos! They capture a romance, a fading romance like no other. Fading in light at least. I don't pretend to understand how autochrome photographs were made and even the simplest Wikipedia info is above my head regarding this technique. But I do know that it was used mainly in the early 1900s into the 30s and that the photos are gorgeous. No matter what season the photos were taken in, to me, it always feels like the dying light of a warm early autumn day. Like the remaining flowers only have so long before their long sleep begins.

Edwardian Autochrome Photo #antique #photo #autochrome #edwardian
A girl amongst apple tree blossoms in Winchester, Virginia -Charles Martin #vintage #autochrome
1920s, Two women walk through Lord Brougham's garden, Cannes, France - Maynard Owens Williams #1920s #autochrome #garden
Alfonse Van Besten, Ma femme (Mrs. A. Van Besten). 1913. #antique #autochrome #woman
Woman by pond, ca. 1906-12.  Lumiere brothers #antique #autochrome #woman
Woman sitting in a garden of flowers, Corfu; 1920's by Maynard Owen Williams #autochrome #garden #woman
Gorgeous autochrome photo #antique #autochrome #photograph
Alfonse Van Besten, Blossom and lady c.1913 #autochrome #edwardian #antique
1910-1915 - Janet and Iris Laing in their parents’ garden, Headington, Oxford #antique #autochrome #photo
1910 autochrome photo #antique #autochrome #photo #edwardian #woman
Carolyn Even Gledhill with Nasturiums, 1920 - autochrome by Edwin Gledhill #1920 #autochrome #woman
Woman with a parasol, 1910. Autochrome by Antonin Personnaz #autochrome #parasol #woman #1910

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  1. Love all these pictures - especially the ones with the umbrellas. XOXO

  2. Autochrome pictures do have a more romantic feel to them. I think part of it because romance hazes up the ugly parts of life and brings out what is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  3. I think the pictures are originally in black and white and then colored in the negative, so they have that very special light and color. Beautiful selection!

  4. Gorgeous, I love this technique as well. It makes the photos seem more alive somehow, like the scene will get up and move. I love it!! x

  5. They're so beautiful and romantic!

  6. I am loving this technique too. They are beautiful in a haunting kind of way.
    Have a terrific weekend, J!

  7. Dearest Jamie, I don't know how you do it, but every week you conjure up the prettiest images on the internet! I think you've outdone yourself, these are all too beautiful!

    1. What a wonderful thing to say my dear! Glad you've enjoyed them!

  8. wow, thank you collating and sharing these with us! There's an autochrome photo of my grandmother as a young girl, with a flush of pink in her cheeks. I will go look into the process now. :D

    1. How wonderful that you have one of your grandmother!

  9. What beautiful finds! It would be so interesting to learn how these were made

  10. each of these pictures is such a treasure I cant pick a favorite

    kate the old fashioned way

  11. Tremendously beautiful post and images. I adore early coloured photographs as well - they seem to make the decades between when they were taken and today fall away just that little bit more.

    ♥ Jessica