Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Earth's Every Mood

Seaside Serenity

craggy rock coastline with ocean view in haze
Coastal Fine Art Photograph by Chelsea Victoria
hemp and organic cotton denim high waist skirt with pockets
Eco Denim Wrap Skirt by Simones Rose Boutique

Prairie Adventures

wildflowers on mountainside
Fine Art Nature Photograph by Mundo Flo
antique cream cotton top tank
Antique Edwardian Blouse from Vera Vague

Rainforest Whimsy

hardwood forest photograph with tall canopy and ferns
Forest Scene Fine Art Photograph by Siena Ariel
vintage brown green wool tapestry dress with thick brown edges and buttons
1960's Tapestry Dress from Wild Honey Pie Vintage

Lonesome Desert

hazy desert scene of Joshua trees and mountain in the background
Desert Fine Art Photograph by Myan Soffia Photography
vintage peach lace flapper dress with separate skirt and top
1920's Chantilly Lace Dress from Vera Vague

Mountaintop Flirtation

Panoramic view of mountains, valleys, and cloud filled sky
Rocky Mountain Fine Art Photograph by Colin Gallagher Photo
full length vintage dress from the 60s
1960's Navy Maxi Dress from BaBushwick Clothing

Walking on Air

above the clouds photograph in aqua and white
Cloud Fine Art Photograph by Seven Eleven Studios
blue and white flower print vintage dress with ribbon neck
1960's Mod Dress from Concetta's Closet

What mood do you find yourself in today?

Last Week's Thursday Thrill:

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  1. I love your sense of image!!
    we are too similar!!
    so cute!(:D)!!
    Have a nice day!

  2. I think I love looking at photos of nature more than I realise. :) Todays mood? Flowers and blue blue skies - so perfect.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. What a beautiful Fine Art photography!

  4. Fantastic moodboard Jamie, I love every piece of it! It's an honor to be included on this beautiful collection, thank you so much!

    Adriana (Mundo Flo)

  5. Beautiful collection of images! And that denim skirt is too adorable :)

    I'm in a great mood- substitute teaching, and a Thursday that feels like Wednesday, so all day long I'll keep having the realization that we're much closer to the weekend than I thought :)

  6. Very nice! I really like the outfit in the mountain section.

  7. Wow beautiful!!! Those scenery shots are stunning.

  8. All the photos are beautiful.. I love the denim skirt, lovely:)

  9. Such inspiring photos! I think I am the rainforest whimsy today but all are so amazing! The walking on air dress is adorable!


  10. couldn't be finer!
    thanks so much for including our Edwardian blouse and Flapper dress!

  11. I'm in a happy but bit of a stressful mood, trying to catch up on school while the little one is home sick. Right now I'm on a ten-minuter, and hoping little man doesn't wake up in nine. ;)

  12. What a great collection - very uplifting! Thanks so much for featuring my is definitely in great company!

  13. ooh...I LOVE that first skirt! and that last dress is adorable!

    great picks!


  14. Awesome looks.

    Have a Great Weekend,


  15. Great looks and inspiration!
    xoxo Aimee

  16. Suddenly I feel like I need to be sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean!

  17. I'm a mix of a mountainous flirt and airy today for sure. Amazing pairing!


  18. I love the grey wrap skirt you chose to showcase. So chic and classic!