Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk – Star-Crossed Lovers

Chandelier earrings made from actual chandeliers!

Personality: The Ever Romantic
Places you'll find yourself: Always searching for your one true love despite any obstacle

Glass Chandelier earrings made from actual chandeliers by ChatterBlossom

These beautiful chandelier earrings are made from actual chandeliers! I took pieces of a pressed glass chandelier and turned them into dangle earrings. How fun, right?! They have beautiful faceted angles and the light just flickers and plays around them. You might think they would be heavy, but indeed they're not. I have heavier metal earrings myself and these were quite comfortable. 

Dangle earrings made from glass chandelier pieces

Glass Chandelier Earrings #womens #earrings

Glass Drop Earrings by ChatterBlossom

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  1. These are gorgeous! I really like how they're made out of parts of an actual chandelier.

  2. They are just so lovely! The creativity comes first!

  3. These are so beautiful and timeless!

  4. From actual chandeliers -- wow!

  5. They are so beautiful! And also very chic! xo

  6. Gorgeous! How cool that you made them from a real chandelier! Very creative. :)

  7. Those are adorable! I actually just found a pouch of extra chandelier crystals... Maybe I'll have to DIY my own pair :)

    1. That is random! They were just around or you saw them at a market? Are yours crystal, glass, or pressed glass?

  8. Oh so sweet! Certainly taps into the sentimental romantic vibe:)

  9. They are beautiful! I actually made jewellery from crystal chandelier pieces when I was a student. Had earrings and a crystal pendant necklace that I loved. Hope you are having a great weekend

  10. Wow cant believe those earrings are really from chandeliers....they look chic!!!


  11. Those are so pretty! I really love that they are from a real chandelier...they spent years in a home and now they get to see the world!

  12. these earings are so fabulous! your shop is impressive! you have so much talent! I'm sure one day you'll have a lovely physical store somewhere and I'll make sure to come visit :)

  13. These classic, completely lovely earrings are as versatile as pearls or diamonds, and would, I have no doubt, go with as many different ensembles as either of those would. So very pretty, dear Jamie!

    ♥ Jessica