Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk – Hum My Heart's Song

Tiny Hummingbird Ring #bird #antique #jewelry

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Antique Bird Cocktail Ring #antique #ring #bird

This darling ring was made with an antique button (title: Bird on a Flower Sprig, circa 1880-1918). To me, it looks like a wee hummingbird, hence the name I gave her. The color is a really pretty light gray and palest blue tint. The best part to me? From years and years of fingertips buttoning and unbuttoning, the tint has rubbed down on the relief and touches of the original brass color are coming through.

Teeny Tiny Hummingbird Ring #antique #vintage #jewelry

Antique Bird Cocktail Ring #vintage #jewelry

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  1. Gorgeous ring! I love that it was once a button.

    Website | Winston & Willow


  2. This is such a beautiful ring!

  3. That is so pretty- and I love that the. Brass is showing through, too!

  4. That's so pretty and delicate. The fine details of the button are amazing.

  5. Your posts are so dangerous for me because I always want to buy everything!

  6. I would like one on each finger!

  7. Wonderfully lovely! It does look a bit like a hummingbird (one of my all-time favourite birds) - I completely agree.

    ♥ Jessica