Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Treasury Tuesday – Changing Seasons

It is officially autumn!! Glorious, glorious autumn! Quite possibly my favorite season of the year! I think most people probably like the cool, fragrant fall, but many of those same people love it for different reasons. An unusual set of examples is showcased below. One of my hair flowers, "Orchids on the Forest Floor" seems to have hit a seasonal note with many MANY people making treasuries lately. I'm sharing some of the most lovely with you today! I love how all of these individuals saw "autumn" in my piece, but each came at it from a different angle. 
Which makes you most feel the change of season?

Curated by Laura
Back to School Gift Guide on Etsy #etsy #school #gifts
Helping on the Homestead
Curated by Jessica
Homestead Gift Guide on Etsy #homestead #vintage #gifts
Cooking in the Kitchen
Curated by Lynn
Country Kitchen Gift Guide on Etsy #gifts #country #kitchen #vintage
Soaking in the Solitude
Curated by Karen
Relaxing Solitude Gift Guide on Etsy #gifts #etsy #relax
Passing Through the Park
Curated by Anne
Autumn in the Park Gift Guide on Etsy #gifts #autumn #fall #etsy #vintage
Shopping in Chic Boutiques
Curated by GlimmeringGems
Chic Fall Boutique Gift Guide on Etsy #gifts #fall #autumn #vintage #etsy
Wrapping Up in Romance 
Curated by Diane
Romantic Fall Gift Guide on Etsy #gifts #romance #fall #autumn #red

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  1. It doesn't hurt that the model showing off the hair flower is gorgeous ;) Your hair and makeup in your pins is always spot-on.



  2. You always comes up with the best collection and this are really pretty and there is so much flower, i love them :)

  3. I am loving those red apple candles. And those little squirrels! And that dark red necklace!!

  4. Oh wow... So many beautiful things... The apple bow got my attention - absolutely love it. x

  5. These are very pretty! When I think of autumn it reminds me yellows and browns. But I really like red choices of yours :)

  6. Hi honey, you always come with something new and unique. I'm loving those rose candles and red silk wrap <3

  7. Lovely set of collections! Great choices!

  8. Wow! It is popular. I chose it for the treasury I made because it was so pretty and a perfect colour for the season. Thank you for sharing my treasury!

  9. You have the best vintage round ups!! I love the crochet scarf.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  10. Wow, Jamie, this is awesome! Honoured to be featured in such a beautiful blog! Your accessories and photos rock! Thank you!

  11. While summer is a fun, fun time, I am looking forward to a cooler fall season. Love all the treasuries and glad you're recognized for your beautiful work. The treasury titles are very catchy!
    Have a great day!

  12. All beautiful treasuries! I think I may like the "Cooking in the Kitchen" and "Soaking in the Solitude" the best. It's great that you are featured in so many treasuries!!

  13. They're all so lovely, thanks so much for having me!

  14. Ah wow, these are all such amazing and individualistic pieces, love so many! Thanks so much for sharing your Emmy opinions with me doll...

  15. Such amazing pieces , so pretty!
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    Feisty Fox Diaries

  16. Love this! Thank you for the feature in a beautiful blog!

  17. Oh I love that your hair pins got so much attention I love them (and mine so so much)! My favourite part of fall is the subtle change in the air.

  18. Beautilicous! All of it, everything, I can’t even begin to pick a favourite. Such a lovely post I could look at these all day.

  19. Wow! You have struck a chord! I love these fall treasuries, too- this season is so lovely :)

  20. A big thank you again to all the curators of these beautiful collections and thanks for sharing them with me too!!!

  21. This is wonderful Jamie - such beautiful fall collections & variety of interpretations! Who can choose just one?! I feel honored to be included, thank you :)