Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk – How High the Moon

Antique Man in the Moon Necklace #antique #jewelry #moon #stars
Personality: The Enchanting Charmer
Places you'll find yourself: Dancing alone under the moonlight with stars in your eyes
Man in the Moon Necklace #antique #jewelry #moon #stars

This lovely little charmer of a necklace was made with an antique brass button, titled Man in the Moon, circa 1880-1918, depicting a crescent moon with a detailed face, engraved stars, and a midnight blue tinting. Once again, one of my favorite parts is that the original brass color is coming through after a hundred years of hands rubbing the tint away. 

Antique Man in the Moon Necklace #antique #jewelry #moon #stars

Antique Man in the Moon Necklace #antique #jewelry #vintage #moon #stars

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  1. How great is this astronomical pendant, its a wonderful piece!

  2. love it!!
    my think is looking for interesting necklaces. I don't usually have the money to buy them all these days, but I still love looking through the selections at our local antique stores for interesting pieces.

  3. So pretty- I love anything stars and moon :) where on earth do you find these buttons??

    1. Every nook and cranny I can find in the great wide world!

  4. I really love this one it is just so pretty.

  5. You look gorgeous on that kimono! I love all the accessories especially the earring, so Beautiful:)

  6. Charmingly fun piece! I think of the moon and items/images depicting it more during the fall - when the harvest moon comes a calling once again - more than any other time of the year.

    ♥ Jessica