Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Picked Me a Plum

Mixing 1940s with Modern #1940s #fashion #40s #style

Oh this is a fun one no? Tell me you wouldn't feel jaunty in this! The dictionary defines jaunty as crisp and dapper and that is exactly how I would define my mood in this outfit. The ensemble is a hodge podge of eras (usually just how I like it) and the colors remind me of a ripe berry ready to be picked. Personally, at first glance, the emerald and wine colors tend to make me think of Poison Ivy (the lady), but I just felt too chipper to look dangerous this day!

The individual pieces in this look weirdly seemed made for one another, but I acquired them all at very different times over a period of months from all manner of places. All the vintage pieces in this getup were purchased at ridiculously low prices, RIDICULOUS I tell you! I came across some sales that were sprinkled with truly beautiful pieces and I was one lucky duck for snatching these up before anyone else did!

My 1940s Hat & Jacket Detail #vintage #fashion #1940s #style #hat

How to Mix Vintage Pieces into your Wardrobe #vintage #style #fashion

The jacket was a 60% off snatch-a-roo from The Paraders during their moving sale. It is a lovely 1940s, much worn and loved piece in a wine burgundy berry type of color with the most glorious of woven toggle button closures! They even put one on the back as a cinch for the waist! Ugh, I want to kiss you 1940s! There is some discoloration and fading throughout but do you see me caring? I have never been one to need a pristine piece of vintage clothing. Part of the charm is that it has been loved and lived in before it ever came into my life. I love feeling the wear and bit of fray along the tops of the pockets where I know dainty hands from decades past slipped in and out. 

The structure of the jacket seemed perfect for a riding type look, so I slipped on my modern jeans and riding boots. Remember how I said in a previous post that I had one pair of Anthropologie jeans that my wonderful sister gave me for my birthday? And that I never wore anything else since? Well that is partly true. I actually have two pairs of Anthropologie jeans because after wearing the ones my sister gave me for a few days I knew I wouldn't wear anything else, so my hubs very generously took me back and got me another pair in a non-cropped style. So I actually have two pairs of jeans, but they are my only ones and I've just worn one or the other every time I've worn jeans in the last year. This pair is the non-cropped version and in a slightly lighter wash. 

My Vintage Riding Outfit #1940s #riding #outfit #vintage #style

Vintage Fashion Detailing #40s #fashion #vintage #style #jacket #cane

My boots were also purchased while with my sister. She is an enabler and a bad influence! My wallet never hurts so good as when I'm with her! But I didn't have a single pair of boots people! Not one! So these were picked up last year at the after Christmas sales at an outlet shoe store. I pretty much wear them every day in the fall and winter.

My shirt underneath the jacket is a modern knit from a Banana Republic outlet at those same after holiday sales with my sis. It was from their Mad Men collection which suited my tastes perfectly. I wore it here to add just a touch of green, so that it would pick up the color of my hat.

1940s Hat Detail #40s #hat #vintage #accessory #feather #green

My hat!! I won't tell you how obscenely little I paid for this wonder. Plus I purchased it from one of my favorite vintage shops and sponsors, Raleigh Vintage. I've gotten to personally know the two owners, Andi and Isaac, and they really are just the nicest, most wonderful people! They recently had a super sale locally here in Raleigh to clean out some of their back inventory and you better believe I was one of the first people there digging through the piles! I found a big bag full of goodies that went home with me and one of the finds was this delicious hat. It is a 1940s woven tilt with an almost crown like brim, an asymmetrical spray of green feathers, and a black veiled back. The reason it was on super sale was that the feathers are a little tattered and the veiling was torn. I think it is still a pretty creamy peach of a vintage topper and I was happy to take it! The feather wear didn't bother me in the least and I just pinned the veiling together to mask the holes. Plus, the green of the hat actually makes my eyes take on a green cast too!!! I've always loved green eyes (my hubby is a green eyed handsome devil too!). Mine are a gray blue, but they were greenish for this day!

I was so excited about my accessories in this outfit too! I had wanted a micro mosaic brooch for a few months but those little beauties can be quite expensive. I love them so much because they are handmade with tiny little pieces of colored tile arranged to create a picture. Mine (like many) is of a floral arrangement. I really liked this one because it is on a black tile background, which I haven't seen as many of in my searches. I paid less than $5 (a steal!), so it was well worth the wait and search. My ring is soon to be in my shop and is a real stunner with a Victorian gilt brass button.

My Antique German Walking Cane #antique #cane #dapper #accessory

My cane was acquired just days ago at Goldbug Studios local liquidation sale. This beautiful cane came home with me for free with another purchase! I already had my purchase in hand and asked about the cane. The lovely proprietress Ashley, who is over-the-top nice and extremely generous, just smiled with bright eyes and said to take it home with me! Yay!!! Now I didn't know even an inkling about canes, so I did a little research about this one and it has such a great story! It is an antique German walking cane. There are two brass "badges", which were nailed on after the walker completed a hike for a specific place. Mine has Molkenhaus and Brocken which are two hiking trails in Germany. The Molkenhaus brass piece is of a beautiful stag head and the Brocken brass piece is of some sort of castle or building with a woman flying over on a broomstick! It also says 1142 M., which I assume is the length or elevation of the hike. How cool is that?! This little cane has definitely seen and been on some wonderful adventures! 

Vintage Jewel Tones #1940s #fashion #vintage #style #jewel

Outfit Details
Jacket: 1940s from The Paraders
Jeans: Anthropologie
Boots: Riding style boot, outlet (can't remember which)
Blouse: Green Knit from Banana Republic Outlet
Hat: 1940s Tilt from Raleigh Vintage
Brooch: 1950s Micro Mosaic from Ebay
Ring: Antique Gilt Brass coming soon to my shop ChatterBlossom
Cane: Antique German Walking Cane from Goldbug Studios

My Vintage Riding Outfit #vintage #style #1940s #fashion #40s

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  1. Such pretty pictures! The colors are perfect for this time of year. Oh, and I adore the picture on the cane. :) XOXO

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  3. The jacket is gorgeous! I love the back of it.

  4. Oh! I love *everything* about your outfit. The vintage is so beautifully balanced with your modern items. It's a lovely evocative riding look, while original and unconventional all at once. Thank you for your stories about how you acquired your treasures. It's such a lovely feeling getting dressed and choosing an outfit when you remember the stories behind each piece, isn't it?

    ... I must admit, I find your hat especially to live for. Rock on!

  5. wow, 1960s perfection. Your coat has the most perfect shade of cherry red and I love how your lips are coordinated with it...

    * MlleWanderlust ✡

  6. Beautiful look. The jacket is extraordinary. You're a terrific shopper. And model. And blogger.

  7. Love how you're channeling old Hollywood glamour in your outfits Jamie....great job!!!!


  8. Oh I love! that hat, that jacket....gorgeous. Also, funny because I have almost the exact same cane I got in Switzerland about a million years ago aaannnddd my first badge is similar to yours.

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  12. Such a nice combination of styles and eras in this outfit, I really love it! That jacket is just to die for, love the colour of it. Happy Vintage Monday to you dear gal!

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  14. That jacket is just to die for, love the colour of it.Adore that head piece and lip color, it is marvellous!! Simply so stunning xx

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