Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Photo Swoon – Vintage Winter Elegance

Parisienne Winterwear 1912 #vintage #winter #fashion #1900s #coat

First, look at those amazingly huge buttons on the coat above!! Wowee!! Isn't that grand?! Vintage winter apparel is a beast that I've yet to tackle. It's like I didn't believe they had winters in these glamorous eras. I rarely see photos of bundled up beauties with red noses and frosty toes. I had to search a lot longer to find these images you see below.

Coats throughout the 1900s are just so elegant and luxurious compared to our puffy coats and sports jackets. They really went all out with fur trims and muffs, felts, tweeds, and velvets. Makes you want to wrap yourself up into a soft and fluffy hug! I think I would just pet one of my arms for most of the day in some of these furs. I don't really know what you all think about the fur thing, but I think that it is a complicated matter that people must figure out for themselves. I personally think vintage fur is A okay as they are decades old and it would be a tragic waste to not wear them just because someone 80 years ago had it made. It's like abandoning a 100 year old house because they didn't source the wood from a sustainable forest at that time. But c'est la vie and to each his own. Like I said, it's complicated and not nearly as black and white as these photos.  

1920s Winter Fashion #20s #fashion #fur #winter #1920s
1920s Winter Fashion #vintage #winter #1920s #fashion
20s Cold Weather Fashion #1920s #fashion #winter #clothing #vintage
Flapper Winter #1920s #fashion #vintage #winter #flapper
Saucy Louise Brooks #1920s #fashion #coat #vintage #winter
1920s Winter Fashion #vintage #winter #20s #fashion
1930s Winter Fashion ~ Marlene Dietrich 1937 #vintage #winter #1930s #fashion
Dorothy Lamour ~ 1939 #1930s #winter #fashion #vintage #coat
1940s Winter Fashion #40s #fashion #winter #vintage #1940s
Vintage Winter #1940s #winter #fashion #coat #fur #vintage
1940s Cold Weather Fashion #40s #coat #1940s #fashion #vintage #winter
1950s, Jacques Fath Photo by Philippe Pottier #1950s #winter #fashion #vintage #coat
1950s Winter Glam #vintage #winter #1950s #fashion
Vintage Winter Glam #vintage #winter #fashion #1950s #1960s
1950s Winter Fashion #50s #fashion #vintage #winter

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  1. That second coat, I would just love love to have one like that!! It is perfect, the way it wraps and grips the body and looks ever so warm, it's perfect!! I don't wear real fur these days, but I think since we can make faux fur, then it should be worn with modern stylings because we don't have the abundance of these animals as they had in those days and the way they are captured and killed is horrid in this time as well. But, I don't think this should apply really to those that live off the land and away from modern society, that is how they survive and live. But, back then things weren't made in massed production ways, there were limits. Not saying it was or may have been done humanely back then either, but it was just different as it wasn't always massed produced. And if someone has a vintage fur, I don't see anything wrong with it, better than animals being killed today for a coat or whatever, when we have the means to make faux fur. And not use the vintage ones is wasting to me. Sometimes I would like to see the same fire and passion people have for telling others not to use fur or whatever put into making the world a happier place by spreading love and kindness to humans as well :) Anyways..I think these pictures are marvellous and I wouldn't say no to having any of these coats :))) Have a gorgeous weekend doll xx

    1. I agree that that second one is absolutely divine! Crazy glam too!

  2. Each coat is absolutely amazing! Vintage winter wear is really a struggle. Im very sensitive too the cold. My warmest coat is a 70s shearling but it doesnt really match my style. I also have some 50s/60s fur collared wool coats, not warm enouch for really cold days and a 1940s fur that tragically I bought online, none in the shops for affordable prices, and it has some dry rotting. I was so upset. I would love a 1930s coat or 40s coat but they are hard to find in my budget and I need a warm one. This was great inspiration
    retro rover

    1. Keep an eye out for mouton coats from the 40s (like the one in this sunday's snag post). I got that on sale for $45!!

  3. Marvelous coats! So much glamour. I love all the button detail of the two twenties ladies together. So wonderfully put together and I just adore the asymmetrical composition of the first image. She has a timeless look about her. I just had to pin it! I haven't bought a "new" coat since I started getting into the vintage world. Why bother, when there are so many well-tailored beauties out there.

  4. What gorgeous coats. They still manage to make them look fitted at the waist. That one woman must have had a 15 inch waist!

    I have a hard time with fur still. I totally agree with your take on the vintage aspect of it but when I put one on I can't help but feel awful still. And like you, I'd probably spend the entire day petting myself.


  5. Hat, hats, HATS! Seriously, can we all agree to bring back wearing hats daily? And gloves?

  6. Glorious photos. Love the hats and gloves. I agree with you about vintage fur. I have two mink stoles form two different great grandmothers because no one wanted them, My daughter on occasion will wear one when she attends the opera and is in full vintage attire. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wonderful selection it must have taken an age to find them. Thanks for sharing,Barbara

  8. You've found some absolutely fabulous photos here! Some of them just leaves you breathless. I just love the detailing and shape of the coats, we don't see items like this anymore. I wish you a darling weekend dear!

  9. How utterly beautiful! I have a bright pink 1950's velvet swing coat with one big button but I am forever fearful about wearing it out and about for fear of rain ruining it. I could probably guarantee it would be fine when I left and rain at some point down the line!

    1. Don't be afraid! Let that beauty have a spotlight! ;-)

  10. I have no idea why every single woman isn't dressing like this for winter. So beautiful, so elegant and so chic!

  11. Oh, these are amazing! The second to last picture....breathtaking!

  12. Gorgeous! all of them. I love this era -- so glamourous, but yes - they look so cozy too. I've been watching Downton Abbey and one of the best things about the show, is watching the ladies fashion of the time. The traditional of the elder ladies versus the changing style in the younger ladies.
    I recognize that fur - real fur - was a necessity at one point in history. And it was probably sourced much more responsibly back then, than now. I don't personally take offense if someone wears fur - how can I when my country was practically founded on the beaver trade?

  13. I'm dying over these photos, just give me all their clothes! Such a stylish way to do winter.

  14. Wonderful photos
    and styles!