Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Ultimate Snag Wishlist

1930s Silk Velvet Dress #1930s #dress #vintage #fashion
1930s Silk Velvet Dress from Dear Golden

The list of vintage beauties that I would love to have in my closet is never-ending. There are just so many gorgeous items to find and my haunts on the interwebs are frequently adding fuel to the fire with sumptuous dresses, delicate jewelry, flirty shoes, whimsical hats, and imaginative handbags. I know I'm getting an Etsy giftcard from part of my family as a present and oh my goodness, what to choose, what to choose?!

 Here is a list I would gladly give Santa! Any here that you wouldn't mind under your tree?

1920s Deco Bracelet #deco #jewelry #1920s #bracelet
1920s Art Deco Bracelet from Erin Antiques

1940s Floral Print Wedges #vintage #shoes #40s #wedges
1940s Floral Print Wedges from Raleigh Vintage

1940s Beaded Peacock Clutch #40s #accessory #1940s #purse #vintage
1940s Beaded Peacock Bag from 1919 Vintage
Amazing 1940s Suit #1940s #suit #blue #vintage #40s
1940s Beaded Pocket Suit from Rococo Vintage

Devastatingly beautiful opera necklace #antique #jewelry #opera #necklace #1900s
Early 1900s Graduated Opera Necklace from The Hidden Chamber

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  1. Lovely choices! The 30s stuff here is especially catching my eye.

  2. oh wow that emerald coat!

    retro rover

  3. *sigh* The beauty of the items you find take my breath away.

  4. I would have snapped up those wedge shoes months ago, if they would have been my size. I'm surprised they are still around ...they are just too grand! What a wonderful list you've created! I love so many of the outfits and the deco bracelet!!!! I'll be very interested to see what you snag with your Etsy gift card:)

  5. Oh so pretty. I love the art deco bracelet and the beaded peacock bag.

  6. What wonderful picks! That blue dress would be so, so smashing on you.

  7. That bracelet is amazing! I love vintage jewelry most of all, but you always look so great in head to toe vintage. The blue would be great on you!

  8. That first velvet dress would be lovely!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  9. Oh my WORD! That opera coat! That blue silk velvet dress! I can't handle all this gorgeousness. Thanks for sharing these lovely things! =]

  10. This is an exquisite list, in love with the cherry-hat!

    Have a jolly week dear :)

  11. I would happily have all of these too :))) They are stunning xx

  12. That 20s vintage art deco bracelet. I just love 20s and to have a small token from that era would be extraordinary :)
    If you'd like to follow each other (gfc,bloglovin,g+), just let me know. xx


  13. That brecelet is just lovely, I wouldn't mind finding that under the christmas tree! I wish you a wonderful Christmas dear!

  14. what a great wish list!! i hope you're gift card is big enough to get them all! ;-)

  15. Lovely stuff, super like the sandal. Wishing you a Merry Christmas Jamie and your family.:)

  16. I've never quite seen shoes like those, but they're nice!! I'm here to wish you a Merry Christmas!