Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wistful Wednesday – Vintage Cleveland

Cleveland Postcard ~ 1955 #vintage #cleveland #1950s #ohio

Today I'm introducing a new segment (or at least a change of segments) on my blog. Until now, Wednesdays have been a segment called "Wordless Wednesday" which have included photography taken by me of nature and whathaveyou. Welp, I'm giving "Wordless Wednesday" the heave ho for now. Wednesdays are now "Wistful Wednesday" and will include themed vintage photographs, which have typically been reserved for "Friday Photo Swoon". Confused yet? I'm going to introduce a new Friday post series this week which is why I've kurbobbled my whole schedule. 

Phew! Okay, after all that confusion, on with the show! The hubs and I got to spend the holidays in Cleveland with my sister and her husband. I've done a post before on one of our fun Cleveland rompings (see here). It is such a great town for foodies and vintage lovers! We had a blast over Christmas and I'll share a bit from that tomorrow. For today, I thought it might be nice to get a glimpse at vintage Cleveland! There's even a photo below of the West Side Market full of bustling people, which I photographed myself here only a few months ago. Fun to see the differences!

Lorain-Carnegie Bridge and Union Terminal, Cleveland, Ohio #vintage #cleveland #ohio
Detroit-Superior (Veterans' Memorial) Bridge, 1 Nov. 1915 #vintage #cleveland #ohio
West Side Market ~ 1946 #vintage #cleveland #1940s #ohio
Vintage Cleveland ~ 1929 #vintage #cleveland #1920s #ohio
Vintage Cleveland Novelty Handkerchief #vintage #cleveland #ohio
Lake at Wade Park, Severance Hall, Lakeside Hospital #vintage #cleveland #ohio
Vintage Cleveland #vintage #cleveland #ohio
Vintage Cleveland Postcard ~ 1941 #vintage #cleveland #1940s #ohio

Last Week's Wistful Wednesday:

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  1. It's very interesting for me to know about the world! I love your selection of vintage photos...

  2. This is the best idea for a post. Wonderful and so interesting to see. Love this selection of photos.

  3. Gorgeous idea doll!! I like these pictures, it's always fun to see old ones to how things used to look!! Super xx

  4. Great post idea! The vintage photos are excellent!

  5. How fun! Can't wait to see what's in store for Friday! :)

  6. I like the vintage pictures. We've been to Cleveland a couple of times, and always had a blast. :)

  7. Oh, if you could tell of some of your favorite vintage shops in Cleveland that would be awesome! I always love finding out about new vintage shops, even if they're a few hours away.

    the middle Sister and Singer

    1. I love The Cleveland Shop. They are reasonably priced and seem to have a bit more focus and care for their pieces. Plus, they just moved to a new location. I haven't been able to go there since that change, but would love to see their new place!

  8. I love all those vintage images have an amazing time

    retro rover