Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Fox and The Houndstooth

My Perfect 1960s Autumn Outfit #1960s #fashion #1950s #style #vintage

Are you smiling yet? I am! I really can't quite help it in this getup. Plus, look at this setting! I mean geez, can it be any more beautiful?! Autumn was definitely out in all her glory when we took these photos. She had laid her golden cape across this forest just as I was taking out mine from the cedar chest. I would say I couldn't possibly ask for a better day to test out my first cold weather outerwear!

My Vintage Autumn #vintage #fashion #1960s #style

I know many of you are already deep into the cold but we have just started our chilly weather streak here in Raleigh. I've had only a few days so far that I've needed to start bundling up a bit. I thought I might start with this cape that I purchased all the way back in early spring. If you are in the market for winter outerwear, then start keeping your eyes open in the spring for the first of the sales. People forget all about the heavy garments as soon as the first spring flower pops on the scene, so it is a fabulous time to find these pieces at a great price. Plus, it's like getting a present when cold weather rolls around! I packed this cape away as soon as I got it and then promptly forgot about it until changing over to my winter closet months later. It was so fun to discover it again!

Loving my Vintage Fall #60s #fashion #1950s #style #houndstooth

1960s Cape Closure Detail #60s #fashion #vintage #style

The cape is a classic piece of vintage outerwear. We don't do capes so much anymore, which is sad because they are so much freakin' fun to wear! Why do you think every superhero has one?! Mine, purchased from Vacation Vintage, is a black and white, 1960s houndstooth in what seems to be an acrylic and wool mix. It has giant woven rope frog closures, a mandarin collar, and a fantastic red lining! And yes, just so's ya know, I was absolutely running through the woods pretend flying with this thing!

One might think that a patterned cape with red lining might be hard to style or could be limiting, but oh no! Quite easy actually because it limits you in a good way. More like focuses you. You have some boundaries but sometimes that peeks my interest just as much as having free rein. When putting this together, I knew I wanted to show off the cape, so I wanted some bit of red and something that would set off the houndstooth but not get lost. Pattern mixing seemed perfect! I have four pencil skirts in my closet. They are all the same one but with different colors and I bought them all on the same day. You can see the black one on me here and the beige one here. They are so versatile! This is the only one I bought with a print and the plaid is the perfect size to complement my cape. I need to tailor this skirt a bit (waist is a tad too big), but it works just fine (which is probably why I've been putting off tailoring it...). 

Patent Leather Flower Flats #shoes #fashion

My Vintage Autumn #vintage #fashion #1960s #style #autumn

My 1960s Forest Stroll #vintage #fashion #60s #cape #houndstooth

My top is actually a cardigan. This was part of my uber sale purchase from The Paraders and is just darling. It is a 1950s wool that is basically felted at this point. There were moth holes and a non-matching button that I needed to repair and the sleeves ended up being too tight. Here is where the felting turned into a major advantage. Because the knit would no longer unravel, I just cut slits up the 3/4 sleeves to open them up a bit. Worked like a charm and it doesn't really even look like I did anything. Just looks like the design was always like that! Win! The neckline is hard to see here because the black is dark, but it is so neat with an asymmetrical cross button design!

It was chilly on this day but not cold so I didn't really need a scarf or long sleeves, so I just wore black tights and mid-length black gloves. I'm still trying to find vintage gloves but it is difficult. I'm not used to sizing gloves as many people don't wear them anymore. I've had to do a bit of trial and error regarding my size, which makes it hard to buy online until I become more acquainted with what fits. I bought these and a chocolate pair from antique stores that I could physically try them on. Just a few days ago, I ordered my first pair online to try guesstimating my size. They were really low cost so I felt like I could try and not feel bad if they didn't work. Fortunately, they fit so I'm a bit closer to knowing my glove size. Let me know if you all have any experience or advice in this area!

Antique Ring Detail #vintage #ring #gloves #antique

Vintage Outwear Detail #vintage #cape #hat #winter

Vintage Autumn Stroll #1960s #fashion #vintage #style #autumn1960s Cape Fabulousness! #60s #fashion #1960s #style #cape

Vintage Outfit Detailing #1960s #fashion #1940s #hat #vintage #style

My hat was waiting for an outfit like this! I purchased this hat from My Vintage Hat Shop back in August when I was looking for some vintage toppers for colder weather. This red felted tilt seemed to fit the bill perfectly! One, it's red and I love wearing red. Two, it is an asymmetrical tilt which I tend to get all giddy over! I really love asymmetry. It looks off and sometimes unsettling and I love it! This hat has some moth bites and the little beaded accent was coming undone (which is why I could afford it), but the accent was easy enough to fix and I don't mind the little moth bites at all. It is a 1940s or 50s piece that is still in perfectly wearable condition!

My shoes are modern and terribly comfortable. I bought them a few years ago when I was working on my feet all day in a retail setting. They are patent leather with cute little flowers and they are from Softspots, which puts an extra cushy insole inside.

Only two pieces of jewelry came out with me this day. My hat pin, which you saw before here, and a ring from my shop. The ring is adjustable which worked perfectly to use over top of gloves. It is an antique button ring with a large open chrysanthemum flower tinted in a charcoal gray set on a silver base.

Perfect Patent Flat #shoes #fashion

 1940s Autumn Hat #40s #hat #1940s #fashion #accessory

Outfit Details
Cape: 1960s Houndstooth from Vacation Vintage
Top: 1950s Wool Cardigan from The Paraders
Skirt: Modern Plaid Pencil from Express
Hat: 1940s/50s Felt Tilt from My Vintage Hat Shop
Shoes: Modern Patent Leather from Softspots
Ring: Antique Chrysanthemum coming soon to my shop ChatterBlossom
Hat Pin: Vintage Faux Opal Stick from Revival House
Gloves: unknown antique shop during travels

My Vintage Autumn #1960s #fashion #1950s #style #vintage

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  1. I am beyond jealous! I would absolutely love to own this - it's heavenly. Houndstooth is a personal favorite as well. Also, I should note that your skin is flawless. XOXO

    1. Oh dear no! Hahaha, my skin is camera made flawless. ;-)
      I have a camera (thank heavens) that will soften the skin and then I also edit them to take out blemishes. I'll have to do a post about this and other tricks I use.

  2. Love!!! I'm so obsessed with houndstooth!

  3. My goodness miss this is amazing!!! My favorite of yours so far!!

  4. Lovely cape! I like the flash of red lining with the red hat!

  5. Amazing I just love capes!!

    kate the old fashioned way

  6. This ensemble is amazing! And, yes, you are quite right, that fall color is to die for!

    I am a huge fan of capes myself. But I just parted with one to make room in my closet for my plethora of leather jackets I've been acquiring lately! And your sweater is the best thing EVER!


    1. Ya know, I own not one leather jacket! I'm glad you've brought this to my attention! :-)

  7. Wowie, zowie! Amazing pieces and they come together into a beautiful ensemble. Plus, the gorgeous backdrop. Plus, the high-quality photography. Plus, your exceptional natural beauty. This post is professional material. I feel like I should be paying something just to enjoy it.

  8. Be still my autumn loving heart! The setting is absolutely golden and I adore your houndstooth cape. xo

  9. Simply lovely. I adore the red with the houndstooth, it's perfect.

  10. I am a huge fan of capes - glamorous but not too over the top! I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog - it's lovely!

  11. OMG! This outfit is to die for!! You look as glamorous as a movie diva black and white, love your outfit!

  12. I love this outfit. The cape is amazing and I'm sure you'll get oodles of complements from such a fine outfit. I love the accent of red with black and white. It's like they were meant to be together. What a wonderfully fine outfit and your photographs are amazingly taken. Great moments captured:) You'll look back when you are 80 and remember how elegant you were in your youth:)

  13. This is darling! That second picture is perfection :) I have been on the lookout for a cape, and you found a beauty! Also, the post title is fantastic

    1. Ha! I loved it too. My hubs came up with that one!

  14. That cape is absolutely gorgeous! I am currently making a similar one (grey with dark grey polka dots and a red chenille lining with hearts). I agree, capes are amazing and I don't get why more people don't wear them. I have wanted one for as long as I can remember and decided now was the time to tackle making one. the neckline on that cardigan is to die for. I have never purchased gloves before but as far as I know you need to measure the palm of your dominant hand (in inches) to find your size. Good luck and happy hunting!

  15. that cape... ah i'm in love! your pictures are so wonderful of you here!

    lindsey louise

  16. Wow! wow wow wow! The houndstooth and the red are so fantastic on you. That hat…LOVE!

    So funny since my post today I'm wearing a reversible 1960's cape. I wore it out today too, (mine is red with plaid on one side) with the plaid side out. For someone that thought I'd never wear a cape I'm kinda loving it now.

    I have to ask…what kind of lipstick and what shade are you wearing? It is just the perfect colour and always looks flawless, like you and all your photos, catalog perfection.


    1. Yay!!! Cape twinsies!! :-)
      I believe my lipliner and lipstick are both from ZuZu in cherry and starlet. I think I should do a Q&A type post for things like this that I never remember to mention but I imagine others would have questions about. Thank you Suzanne!!

  17. Wow, great outfit! Love the cape and your hat!

  18. The cape is so so gorgeous!! I have been looking at capes this year, but haven't found one that I love. Though, I did find one that was ok, but went for a vintage dress instead (as I do) The whole look is perfect!! Stunning. Have a wonderful new week doll & Happy December to you xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  19. How can I not smile after seeing these gorgeous pictures. Love how you combined the prints and pulled it together with touches of red.


  20. You look so chic and classic Jamie! Love the houndstooth cape! Beautiful pictures!

  21. wow what a fantastic coat and hat!! I am currently on the hunt for a similar hat :) really enjoyed you blog, good read :) will be back

    1. Oh good! You should definitely check out the shop where I purchased mine. I just got two more from her too! ;-)

  22. What a fantastic cape! I find they are so much fun to wear, I never understood why people don't wear them more often!

  23. Amazing! The whole look is perfect! You look like a movie star!
    I’d love for you to come join my Inspired By link up... and inspire me and my readers!
    See you there!

  24. All I can say is "I love this"! the mixing of textures and the red is beautiful. You are right the leaves add just the right flavor to these great pictures. If you can, check out one post down from my newest post. Black, white and red must be swimming in the blogging world!

    blue hue wonderland

  25. I am just finding this post again after ages, but wanted to tell you how gorgeous this outfit is! I would have never thought to pair a cape with the jacket but it really is perfect. Have you considered being a stylist? You would seriously be a perfect fit. :)