Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sunday Snag – Steal My Snag!

 Retro Styling Tips #retro #fashion #style #vintage #1950s #1960s

Today I'm starting a short series within my normal Sunday Snags where because I'm entirely too cold to go outside and because my itty bitty apartment space can't accommodate photoshoots I'll be sharing ways to steal my snags! Did you get all that?! Haha! Basically, my toes are just too chilly to do outfit posts at the present. There have been some favorite Snags (based upon comments and my own personal faves) that I thought you might like for yourself! So I'm bringing you a way to steal the look or at least the main part of the look. For the first round, I'm bringing you options to recreate my "Picking Pansies" look that I styled earlier in the autumn (see entire post here). The main star of the show was my 1960s cardigan sweater with a distinctly retro styling. I thought this may be a good place to start seeing as many of you already have jeans to pair with a cute cardi.

You can click on any of the photos below to be taken to the shop selling the item.

 Cropped Knits
These two have that cute and flirty feel like mine but with longer sleeves which is perfect for the colder weather right now.

vintage sweater #vintage #sweater #redvintage cardigan #vintage #cardigan

Grandpa Length and Grandma Chic
The one on the left is for those that can't do the cropped length. On the right is a medium length with cute crochet work on the bust (great for small busts as it adds dimension).

vintage prep sweater #vintage #sweatervintage crochet cardi #vintage #cardigan #red

Small, Medium, and Large
Retro reds in all sizes!

vintage red cardigan #vintage #cardired vintage cardi #vintage #red #sweater

large vintage cardi #vintage #cardigan

 Embellished in White
Like a little pizzaz? This one is covered in ric-rac and embroidered beadwork.

beaded vintage cardigan #vintage #cardigan

Don't Want Red?
Here is a sunny yellow that is remarkably close to my red version.

yellow vintage cardigan #vintage #sweater

Nearly Modern
By Betsey Johnson, this retro uber cropped sweater is just barely vintage

vintage top #vintage #sweater

Modern Retro
Want a more rockabilly flare? This cute top comes in two sizes and features adorable cherry appliqués.

Retro cardigan #retro #cardigan #cherry #rockabilly

For the Kids
Want a little retro prep fun for the kiddos? 

vintage kid's sweater #vintage #kids #children

little girl's vintage sweater #vintage #childrens #fashion

 For Your Man
Your dude continuously commenting that he wished he looked more like ChatterBlossom? I thought so. 

vintage men's sweater #vintage #mens #fashion

Vintage sweater for men #vintage #sweater #men

Last Week's Sunday Snag:

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  1. Those sweaters are seriously fantastic!

  2. I adore vintage type sweaters, these are all so charming!

  3. I love this idea! I'm with you on going outside!

  4. I love the little letterman sweater. I'd totally put my boy in it. :)

    I have a vintage crop cardi, but it's decidedly 80's, not old enough to be cool again. I'm saving it for 'some day.'

  5. Amazing sense of style. I love your preferences.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. Love the post, such cute sweaters! Thank you so much for the feature!

  7. they are all fantastic, but I really love the black with cherries one.

  8. What a fresh, fabulous post idea! I can wholeheartedly relate to your weather and lack of suitable indoor photo shoot locations - the same rings true for us come winter here in Canada, too. I don't mind venturing out if it's only a few below, but when we're talking -15, -20C, or colder, it's time to stay indoors and daydream about springtime ensembles! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Hi Jamie! I like the idea of this new series of posts. The cropped knits are all nice but the embellished in white is my fav, too cute!:) Kisses dear! xo

  10. Pretty lip color!

  11. Great selection of sweaters & a serious stroke of genius to avoid the cold!

  12. you know for such a basic, staple item i actually find it pretty difficult to find knitted tops that i really love. it's just hard to find cute cropped ones that fit properly and are nice and tight, i've got a few but i'd love to collect more over time, they just don't seem to be easy to find!

    little henry lee

  13. You always do so many cute things with your hair! New follower <3 Alex

    1. Aww thank you! I actually just stopped blogging, but you can still follow me on Instagram @ChatterBlossom and facebook and my etsy shop. :-)